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I am looking for a new foundation with a little more coverage than what I have now. I have in the past used Tarte tinted moisturiser and am currently using Smashbox BB cream. I had heard so much about the BB cream and the sephore sales lady had me sold, but im honestly not too impressed. I have heard good things about Smashbox foundation and Bobbi Brown foundation. Any recomendations on either or something any better? Also what color, I have worn light in both my past foundations. My skin has a little more pink to it and the Smashbox Light BB Cream I think is almost a little to yellow.

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I also used the smash box bb cream and was sold immediately by the sales lady at sephora, but once I used it a few times I hated it.  Luckily, my sister loved it and I gave it to her, so it wasn't wasted Smiley Happy.  


I recently purchased the Laura mercier tinted moisturizer in nude and love it, so you should go to sephora and get a sample of that.  I also sampled the MUFE HD foundation in the shade 115 in the store one day and really liked it buflu don't plan on buying it until I run out of my tinted moisturizer.  I also am in love with cover girl nature luxe foundation which I know they don't sell at sephora, but its such a great product I thought I'd recommend it, I use shade 320 but think 310 it's a better match since my skin tans pink in the summer and 320 is my summer shade. Hopefully these help 

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If your wanting just a little more coverage check out the Nars Sheer foundation. Hope this helps!

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Are you wanting a BB cream suggestion or a light coverage foundation?

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Go back to Tarte.  Seriously!  I used Bobbi Brown's and was so disappointed in their shade range, counter personalities/attitude, and packaging.  The foundation is sticky/tacky to the touch after it dries, too.  Their Long Wear Even Finish Foundation would be the best match for your skin type, but, again, very disappointing.


I just switched to Tarte's 12-Hour Foundation.  Wonderful packaging that wont' break like a glass bottle and has a window on the side so you can see when you're low.  Then, it truly wears for 12 hours like it says, and they have the best shade selection I've ever seen.  It's buildable in coverage, too, which BB's Long Wear isn't.


So, with Tarte's 12-Hour formula, you'll get the oil control and better coverage than a tinted moisturizer but very lightweight in feel.

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