Neutrals Aren't Bad Afterall

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I was at the mall (as usual) and i was browsing the MAC department store. I noticed at the collections of colours, but I found myself always going towards the neutral colors. I must say, they aren't too bad. I personally loved the swfupload_114627601751813282.jpg


One of the colors I tried was Sumptous Olive. I love that color. I don't know if it's a neutral or not ( I think it is) but regardless, I think green is flattering on every skintone. 




The one on the left is Amber lights, the one in the middle is Woodwinked, and the one on the right is tempting. Those colors are super pretty and kinda glammy. 


swfupload_1374185600753278774.jpgThis palette is discountinued *cries* but i loved the colors on this one 




Overall I think I actually prefer neutrals over bolder colors. 

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