Need suggestions for Birthday Beauty Gifts!

My little cousin is turning 13 this month, and she has just started getting into make-up. Just some eyeliner and powder foundation, not too much. I thought it would be lovely if I took her to Sephora to pick out her own products, of course with a $60 limit (i'm a college student, not made of money!). The only problem is, I have NO idea what products to guide her towards! She wants me to teach her how to use eyeshadow, so I need suggestions on what brands to use. I'm thinking Sephora brand, since she is just learning. But as for any other product types, like lip gloss/mascara/etc., any suggestions would be extremely helpful! 

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I bought my 14 year old niece the Too Faced candy bar iphone 5 palette

(at Ulta-about $28), and she loves it.  I also gave her some of the nail polishes out of my Ciate Advent (on sale on this site).  I bet she would love the whole thing- opening up the little doors, etc.  Philosophy and Benefit have some nice products for younger kids, I think. 

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