Need suggestions for Birthday Beauty Gifts!

My little cousin is turning 13 this month, and she has just started getting into make-up. Just some eyeliner and powder foundation, not too much. I thought it would be lovely if I took her to Sephora to pick out her own products, of course with a $60 limit (i'm a college student, not made of money!). The only problem is, I have NO idea what products to guide her towards! She wants me to teach her how to use eyeshadow, so I need suggestions on what brands to use. I'm thinking Sephora brand, since she is just learning. But as for any other product types, like lip gloss/mascara/etc., any suggestions would be extremely helpful! 

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You're going to have so much fun! I'm actually kind of jealous. :smileyhappy: There are some great suggestions below, so I'll just add the requisite advice on skincare. Remind her to take off her makeup at night, and maybe even get her some drugstore eye makeup remover. I like the Neutrogena!

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