Need suggestions for Birthday Beauty Gifts!

My little cousin is turning 13 this month, and she has just started getting into make-up. Just some eyeliner and powder foundation, not too much. I thought it would be lovely if I took her to Sephora to pick out her own products, of course with a $60 limit (i'm a college student, not made of money!). The only problem is, I have NO idea what products to guide her towards! She wants me to teach her how to use eyeshadow, so I need suggestions on what brands to use. I'm thinking Sephora brand, since she is just learning. But as for any other product types, like lip gloss/mascara/etc., any suggestions would be extremely helpful! 

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Is she into Hello Kitty?

The Super Fun Palette is on sale for $17. Shadow and glosses.


Sephora Color Play is only $30.

You could get her an inexpensive brush set to go with it


The Stila Artist Essential set is more expensive, but I think Stila is a good introduction to make-up. Especially their glosses. You can find their lip glaze sets on their own site. They have their holiday lip glaze set on sale: $10 for 8 different shades!

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I wouldn't know, but if you have a Beauty Insider card...or if she did (would help if she had it.) She can get the Free Insider Birthday thing, you can get it two weeks before or after your birthday and you wouldn't have to spend a dime Smiley WinkNY27592.jpg.


When my daughter turned 14 I brought her to Sephora for her first eyeshadow palette, and I was letting her have total freedom as long as it wasn't too crazy in regards to price or colors.  She picked Naked Basics and uses the heck out of it, it turned out to be a great purchase. 


hey there cspriverratz!

Im thirteen as well and so far some of the most popular items in our age group are "baby lips" I HIGHLY suggest it!


You're going to have so much fun! I'm actually kind of jealous. Smiley Happy There are some great suggestions below, so I'll just add the requisite advice on skincare. Remind her to take off her makeup at night, and maybe even get her some drugstore eye makeup remover. I like the Neutrogena!

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There's a new Stila kit for lips and cheeks $16


Too Faced kit: probably doesn't need the mascara now, but also includes an eyeshadow quad, lip gloss, blush/bronzer


At Ulta recently, I saw a $15 (sale price) Stila kitten set - came in a small tin


I know the Stila palettes are 39 each, but they come with a liner and an instruction book, so that might be good for your cousin who is just learning.  The palettes come mostly with neutrals with a few pops of color, depending which one you get (the ones called "In the Garden", "In the Know", "In the Light" and "In the Moment".


How about he Chocolate Bar palette?  If we love it, can you imagine how fun a 13 year old would think it was?!


I also think Philosophy The Birthday Girl set…..comes with gloss, too. s1493477-main-hero.jpgs1346667-main-grid.jpgs1440296-main-grid.jpgs1381235-main-grid.jpgs1365428-main-grid.jpg


The Sephora+Pantone Universe palettes are fun and highly pigmented ... nice, bright pops of color.  There are also some great tutorials on YouTube that are, I think, completely age-appropriate.  It's less about looking like an adult, and more about having fun (rainbow eyes, fantasy eyes).  My friend's (a single dad) daughter and I had a blast going through them and playing with makeup when she was 14.  I will say though please, please, please remind her to never share makeup, but especially eye makeup.  Easy way to get staph, etc.  Just not worth it.


You are a fabu cousin!


That's so exciting! Smiley Very Happy Sephora Color Play would be a really fun choice, as you get a LOT of variety. 


I think a nice neutral eyeshadow palette would be appropriate for her, and Anastasia Beverly Hills has an set that is an amazing deal right now 


For lips, a nice tinted balm from the Fresh Sugar line would provide lip treatment with some color too


What about nail polish?


I just got my niece this for xmas (she's 14).


I would say a Naked palette because there are a gagillion and 1 tutorials on every single one and you can do everything from easy everyday 2 or 3 shadow looks to a really bold smokey eye.  I would recommend getting her the Naked 3 because then you also get a months worth of eye primer.   Or get her this fabulous set because it comes with a the Argan Oil Light (a full size!), a small bottle of the colour match serum foundation and a full size of the powder foundation, and a great blush (again full size), throw in your favourite mascara (I love Tarte's lights, camera, lashes) and a lip gloss (nyx is my fave, or a Tarte lipsurgence) and she is set for face.s1573377-main-hero.jpg


I bought my 14 year old niece the Too Faced candy bar iphone 5 palette

(at Ulta-about $28), and she loves it.  I also gave her some of the nail polishes out of my Ciate Advent (on sale on this site).  I bet she would love the whole thing- opening up the little doors, etc.  Philosophy and Benefit have some nice products for younger kids, I think. 


I'm pretty young too, and I love lip butters! The Bite Beauty Lush Lip tint in Watermelon is awesome! It is super moisteriezing with a nice POP of color Smiley Happy


Something colourful. My youngest sister is 14 and she is more of a bold coloured girl, and most of her friends are kind of the same. They are learning makeup and they want bold bold colours.

A lot of the single Sephora eyeshadows are inexpensive and colourful!

Coloured eyeliner? I saw at my local store some colourful Kat Von D eyeliners on sale for super cheap (10 for twenty bucks).

Urban Decay Ammo palette is sweet, colourful, comes witha brush and a bottle of primee!

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