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Brand page:



Duo Glow - Coming soon to Sephora / working hard to get it in




Sunset palette 


Sculpt and Glow






More duochromes shadow coming

More cooler toned shadow coming

Possibly an all matte palette (if she gets more requests)

Working on mini versions of some of her products

Working on creating an innovative lip formula which gives a soft and lightweight feeling to the lips

Plans for pen form/felt tip liquid liners

Will consider making single shadows from the Star or Sunset palette if more requests

Magnetic 5 pan palettes - very soon

Big plans for 2018

New shadows in 2018

New lip products in 2018

other innovations in 2018

When asked about blues and greens:

Mermaid colors are definitely going to be one of the trends in 2018. It won't be a five palette, but a new product.





~Updated May 25th 2017~

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@sierrafallon  oh didn't know they hadn't shipped anything... for sure there shouldn't be silence... If they can't manage their CS they should at least post something on IG/FB to say so. I hope you get some news soon!!!

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hahaha @veronika23 yeah i did... and @sabrinas responded there, because she can't sign in here hahahaha 


it's kind of the lack of communication that makes me worried.


they need to respond to emails/send an email out that says "we're swamped. we got your order/your order is confirmed and will be filling them as fast as we can." but natasha just says to email CS and CS is either sending out fake tracking numbers or ignoring emails all together.


if this wasn't sold out/restocks weren't hunger games, i'd definitely file a chargeback, because that's really poor customer service 

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@sierrafallon.     yeah that is poor cs.  Like you said they should just communicate that they are swamped. The Ordinary did just that. I placed an order a while back knowing it would take longer because they said it would... but the sales are so high they can't keep up. So they sent out an email to everyone and explained that they were working on it and how many units were sold, etc. Basically told us it's coming but it will take longer than anticipated. I placed my order May 1st and still waiting Smiley Very Happy. Just happy they sent out that email though.

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haha omg that's a long time! was it their foundation launch?


I'm glad they emailed, but they probably should hire temps in this situation


I like my two day shipping hahah blue mercury, shoprunner, and sephora spoil me


@veronika23 i guess i'll ND here to answer my shipping questions on the 25th along with my other list of questions


jk i won't make you all suffer by asking a shipping question

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@sierrafallonyes their foundation launch. I went to check the numbers and here's what they said: "We started with a waiting list of 25,000 people but ended up with orders for more than 250,000 units in just a week"  Yeah that is NUTS! 


But I get it... especially when you are used to super fast shipping. Generally everything takes a while to get here... One package took 3 months. Smiley Very Happy


I have a long list of questions for her too Smiley Wink

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yikes! as much as i love canada, i don't think i could survive with those shipping rates hahahah


i really wish the ordinary had somewhere in store to swatch their foundation; i hate returning things and foundation is a hard thing to choose online

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@sierrafallonyeah sometimes (depending on what I am shipping) it's cheaper to ship to the US than in my own country Smiley Very Happy


Maybe enough swatches will come out that it could be easier to find a match based on pictures. I mean it's worth a try at less than 7$CAD... that's like 5$ USD. Price of a coffee Smiley Very Happy

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I haven't ordered direct from her site before, but maybe third time's the charm?  I would hate for you to miss out on this palette.  It's exceptionally good.  

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Love the ND sunset palette. They have a lot in stores, even when it says it is sold out online. I picked one up and the colors look amazing no matter what you choose.

Re: Natasha Denona

Gorgeous!  I agree.. no matter what shades you pick, they are beautiful.  

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Unfortunately, it's only carried in one store near me. I wish I could've gotten it.

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@pixiedust2  here's a swatch of the silver... this picture sucks... it does not do it justice.  Just decided to swatch some of the other shadows I own too. lol


ND Palette # 3



Top to bottom
89V Koh Tao

84V Powder Blue

86P Goldean Aquamarine

08V Tropic


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The Sunset palette is back in stock for Canada right now!! 

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I love the Sunset palette sooooooo much.  I will be using it a lot.  I gravitate to warm colors so this would be the palette I take with me if I were stranded on a deserted island lol.  



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Very pretty @AMK721 Smiley Happy

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 I'm loving that matte peach shade in the Sunset palette - Bermuda 130CM. 


Do any of you lovely ladies that have this palette know of any similar shades from your collection? 

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@vhm333  I'm not sure... but if I find something I'll report back. Smiley Happy

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Thanks @veronika23!

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@vhm333  I didn't find anything in my stash so far... I thought maybe I'd have a MAC similar to this but I don't. Smiley Sad  I wonder how close the color 5" Stiletto from the White Russian on the Rocks Buxom palette is... could be way off too... not too many pictures unfortunately.

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@veronika23 thanks for checking! I'll check out White Russian for sure. I was thinking a mix of the first three colours in the Viseart neutral mattes might come close. I've been on the hunt for my ideal peach for years now and Bermuda is probably the closest approximation to what I had in my mind. 


I swatched all my orange/rust/red shades the other day to try and talk myself out of the Sunset palette but that peach is still calling my name! I hope you're loving the palette Smiley Happy 

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@vhm333Temptalia just posted her sneak peek swatches and doesn't look like the Buxom shadow would be a dupe. Maybe she'll have some in a few days.