im just starting to take an interest in makeup/fashion. i think that i might need some tips along the way. anyone have any tips for starters? what makeup items do you need? what clothing apparel do i need to own? my wardrobe consists of mostly t-shirts and 2 crop tops for the summer. for my bottoms, i would have shorts (jeans) and flexible gym shorts as well for the summer. for the winter, i only own sweaters & sweatshirts. also, i have longer pairs of jeans (a blue one and a black one). i want to funk up my wardrobe, but i need some ideas. i asked my friend from school thats really into fashion & makeup, and she told me to get cardigans and a blazer. whats in style right now? should i subscribe to any beauty-related web-sites online for better details on what to get? keep in mind that im limited to what i can buy, since i do have a budget. /:


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Congratulations it'strulytiffany. The world of beauty is always full of excitement and constant change.


I completely agree with tallwoman in giving in to FADS. Depending on your body's frame and your height there are many styles that would compliment your figure. Just because something is in doesn't mean that it will be in for you. I've found so many trends that would not look good on me because I'm too short so I improvise. I recommend getting to know your body. Test different looks and cuts on your body. Once you have found the perfect cut and shades that complement your skin tone you will be set for life.


Blazers and cardigans are great investments because you could throw them over any camis, shirts (even casual) and blouses and you're good to go. Blazers are great to dress anything up or down, depending on the material and cut you get. I love to get a long and short blazer. Short blazers are great to throw over dresses or skirts and could even make you look taller if you're more petite. You could find affordable ones at department stores, H&M or Forever 21. Although the quality wouldn't be that great, you could try it for awhile and see how you like that look. Once you're comfortable, you could invest in a more expensive blazer that is tailored to your frame.


Some trends for Fall 2011: mustard hues, polk a dots, maxi skirts, lace, plaids, choker necklaces, chunky sweaters, bright colored pants.


Trends for Spring 2012: pastels, drop waist dresses and tops, abstract art and prints, matte satin, and ocean inspired prints.

Makeup for Spring 2012 is looking bright and bold. With classic red lips and modern cat eyes re-appearing this season spring just got exciting. Other looks on runways are played up brows, pops of color, doll lashes, glittery eyes, and nude lips.


Feel free to check out our Sephora TV Channel for how-to videos, hot products and upcoming launches!


I hope this helps!






Hi I'm not too sure what to suggest for clothing, but I know that I always have a bunch of accessories (belts, scarves, jewlery, headbands) that i keep around to add a little kick to a plain outfit. Bold colors are really in so a pair of skinny jeans or jeggings in a bright color like cobalt blue or if you're feeling really bold red are great. I actually have a pair in a burnt orange color called gingerbread from pacsun. (they have a holiday sale going on now) Cardigans (from target or forever 21) in different colors and a simple sweater dress are also great to have on hand in the winter and colder months to just throw on. As far as makeup, if you have good skin and you don't want to put on a lot of products , I would just go with maybe a tinted moistuizer and cream blush for the face, mascara and a shimmery nude color for the eyes, and a lipstick or stain. If you want something with more coverage, I really like neutrogena's healthy skin liquid makeup, you can get it at the drugstore. Glamour magazine is a great website to browse around and get some beauty/ fashion advise. I hope this helps and have fun experimenting w/ makeup and fashion Smiley Happy




You need to have a nice pair of black pants, blazer, black dress, well-fitted jeans in dark blue( boot-leg cut style).  I know leggings or jeggings are in style too- make sure that they are not see-through and have a good weight to them.  Also add neutral color pieces to your woardrobe so that you can match them to other pieces. Shoes..heels and a pair of flats in black or dark brown.  You dont want to get items that are "FADS"...... . in today, out tomorrow.  Jewelry..silver and gold-toned are in.  A nice hand bag or purse that will accomodate your needs( if you are not crazy about all the bright colors try to find one that is a neutral tone that has "personality" to it...maybe the shape of the purse or pockets make it different.  Accessories seem to be the "pop of color" in a persons wardrobe.  Sweaters are always in style.  Cardigans, vests.  Yes, Ponchos and Capelets are back again! Color-block is big this year.....again( I remember when it was big back in the late 80's or early 90's).   Keep your style true to who you are!   Dont be a follower when you can be an individual with your own fashion sense.   You dont have to spend alot of money to look nice and feel good about yourself.   Growing up, my mom was on a budget and she would by my clothes from thrift stores and they were nice clothes at that! No big name brands. One of my teaches even commented about what beautiful clothes I worn when she met the teacher at a PTA meeting.Smiley Wink




As others have said,  the main thing you want to do is find your own unique style, particular to you.  Keep an eye out for things/looks you like.  Straight-up window shopping at stores, and people watching while you are out and about can help you get ideas.  I also like to browse clothing websites to get ideas for things I like.  You don't have to buy a lot of items, expensive or otherwise, to have a decent wardrobe.  It sounds like you have a good start, just make sure your clothes are in good repair and fit well-that will go a LONG way.  Just add one pair of cool shoes, and a nice jacket, maybe a signature accesory to what you already have; it will be like an entirely new outfit.


If you're just getting started with cosmetics, the best thing to do would be research on what's complimentary with your skin tone and type.  You may want to start with a neutral look, and then branch out once you've got the basics down.  A good facial cleanser and healthy skin is first and foremost.  Same goes for your hair.  Make sure it's in good condition, not too dry or oily, and that you keep the split ends trimmed.  You don't need a lot of products to make it look nice, just a little attention.


Hope this helps.


Everything your into depends on your age, your own style, what you want your style to be. i personally love urban outfitters, american apparal, thrift stores. people call me a "hipster". It all depends on what style your into.. as for makeup my preferred brand is Clinique. I love it because it always works. I also love eyeshadow and everything from Bare Minerals. GOOD LUCK Smiley Happy


For clothes get basics that you can mix and match.  I love a good black pencil skirt, they have really cute ones at Gap right now, I love blazers on women.  I like cartigans and get plenty of lace camis.  Get good dark wash jeans, skinny if you have the fighure for it.  I really like trouser jeans.  I love boots, Born has such beautiful ones, found at Younkers, taupe and gray boots are so in.  This year short oversized sweaters are in.  Nude colored pumps are very in too.


For makeup you should:

Even out your skin, tinted moisturizer, or foundation, Aveeno, Revlon, and CG Smoothers are all fine.

Define your eyes: use a quad like Maybelline has where to put the colors on theirs, usually medium light color all over lid, medium dark in the crease, lightest color under your brow and the inner corner of your eyes, and darkest as a liner.

Very important get a lash curler, I like Maybelline's then use a mascara, I love Covergirl Professional mascara in the blue tube curved brush. 

A very in look right now is winged or flicked liner, use a cream liner like Maybelline or Loreal gel or cream liner, in the small pots, you would skip the eyeshadow liner if you do this instead.

Use a pop of blush a peachy or coral color is very pretty on everyone.

Get a good gloss to stick in your pocket, LipSmackers are fun and cheap, I love Bath and Body Works, mentha and fruit punch are really good smelling.  Use sheer shiny and sparkly glosses, you can get a few colors to see what you like, I really like Lip Smackers Strawberry and Bonne Belle Vanilla Swirl.


For more instruction and tons of great makeup tips, I love watching these women on youtube, Tiffany D, Lisa Eldridge, Pixiwoo, Pixi2woo.


first of all, capelets, and poncohs. those are HUGE for this season. you can trust me, i read all the blogs and magazines. for beauty, check out total beauty, it's an awesome beuty blog. you need eyeliner. i don't wear shadow, only liner, and my best trick is to line the outer corners of your eyes, upper and lower lashlines. get a pair of rugged boots, and skinny jeans. my wardrobe is jeans, tank tops, t shirts, and a few skirts, i find this works well. go to aeropostle, ambercombie, and tillys to get clothes. oh, and you need lip gloss. lots of it. and get a good mascara. also, check out nordstrom rack, they have cute desinger stuff for a lot less than it usally is, and go to DWS for shoes. hope this hepled, feel free to message me if your have ant other questions, i just recently got all girly, to.

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