NARS or Benefit?

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I am not a person who puts on makeup daily but l'd like to try some bronzers as summer is approaching  but has no experience with bronzers at all...l see this Benefit limited edition set with the Hoola bronzer, high beam, glide highlighter pen and the badgal mascara and l have read amazing reviews on the bronzers and l'm debating between that set and the Nars Wicked Attraction Set which also has a very high review on their laguna a starter, which do you think l should go with? 


I read that the laguna Nars bronzer has a bit of shimmer in it, is that easier to play with for a beginner or should l go with a matte bronzer like the Hoola? I have pretty pale to yellow skin tone and l never thought l would look too good with bronzers but l'd like to give it a is such a big dilemma between the 2 sets because l have heard so many good things abt both sets and they each have their own products that l want to try..please let me know what you think, thanks!

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Hi again cupcakes,


I just wanted to chime in that I tried the Laguna and I found it to be lighter than the Hoola and I do think it would be more suitable for you than the Hoola taking into account your skintone celebrity. I also tend to like NARS products better than benefit overall.

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I LOVE NARS... You should mention your skin tone, cause I could recommend some good bronzers for lighter skin tones like me, cause I've tried AND own lots of bronzers from different lines like YSL, Guerlain, Laura Mercer, Chanel, I can go on ... BUT my ALL TIME favorite is Zen from NARS (No shimmer) but doesn't make you look like you just got hit in the face (like the hoola) did to me... i applied it as a contour one day and my (guy) friend asked if I got hit.. NOT GOOD. lol its a nice matte color but don't over do it.  good luck! Oh and MANY people rave about the Leopard bronzer from too faced, but WAY too shimmery and not good for acne/oily skin tones..

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I really recommend Benefit Dallas. Its matte, it looks like a natural tan, its perfect for people with fair to light skin and it never makes you look fake or orange/red. I own the Hoola but find it too dark when my skin is fair to light(its fair right now). If the Hoola works for you, then I also recommend TheBalm Bahama Mama.

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Thanks msmisty!


I am totally new on this bronzer thing, actually to most makeup, l am very lazy with my makeup as you may have read above Smiley Tongue 


hmm the closest pic l could find for my type of skintone would be like this:



l always see ppl that does these amazing contouring with bronzers on them and l'd like to try after years of blush only, do let me know what u think Smiley Happy l feel like trying something new...also have you used Nars' lipgloss? I am tempted to try the Turkish Delight but there is a huge talk going arnd abt the lipgloss smelling odd and plastic? =/ 



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Hi cupcakes,


I've owned both Hoola and Laguna, Laguna was a longer time period so I have to try hard to remember that one. I loved Hoola in the powderazzi kit, it was a perfect shade for a pale gal like myself. The delicious smelling coralista didn't hurt either Smiley Wink . I ended up buying Hoola in full size and I found it quite a bit darker than its powderazzi version and I no longer liked it. It isn't orangey in the slightest which is great - but definitely too dark to look like "sun" on me.You said you were pale - could you maybe give an example of a celebrity with skintone similar to yours? I might be more helpful at whether I think Hoola would be too dark.


I'll have a mini laguna coming with my order arriving tomorrow , because I honestly can hardly remember much about it . I know I gave it to a friend, I just don't remember why. I will definitely respond to your post again tomorrow after I try the laguna and give you my thoughts about the bronzer itself.


Here are some other things to consider about bronzer


Application is as important as the product itself - you don't want to cover the entire face. A light sweep on the cheeks, down the bridge of the nose, chin, and forehead - in other words you don't want to use this to make you look "tanned" which you might already be aware of, but since you're starting out I'm offering the advice anyhow as when I was much younger I didn't know proper bronzer application and it would have been helpful to know.


Secondly, shimmery products can accentuate large pores but matte products can accentuate imperfections too such as clogged pores. You might want to decide which is more of the issue for you and what you'd like to disguise of. At least, if you even have any of those issues.

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wow that was really informative, l have never had anyone tell me that abt bronzers


l just have one more question before l finish debating over the 2 sets lol...l am very lazy with my makeup so my routine usually is moisturizer, primer, concealer, pressed powder, blush...would u consider pressed powder a foundation? If not, l'm definitely going to go with Nars then because l only put on foundation once in awhile (yes, l am very lazy, l know lol) 


and last but not least, would u say bronzer before blush? And which areas do l apply the bronzer onto?


thanks so much for your help Smiley Happy

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Hi Cupcakes1212.


Ahh this is definitely a hard decision, only because both products are really good. I would say what would you use more off? The Benefit kit, does give you more products that will help to achieve Glowy skin. I personally like the Nars set, only because it does have a really pretty gold undertone, so no matter how Fair or Deep your skintone is, it is complementing on everyone. If you also don't wear much makeup especially if you don't wear foundation, if you go to apply a matte bronzer you might notice that it will turn muddy or it might apply uneven. That is because there is no layer of moisture/pigment underneath and it wont adhere even to the skin. Now if you do wear any kind of foundation or Tinted Moisturizer then yes it will go on even and smooth. Because Nars is a bit shimmery it really wont need anything to adhere to, it will apply evenly on the skin. Hope this helps you decide which Bronzer to go with.




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