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NARS blushes overrated?

Are NARS blushes overrated?

Will the color 'Orgasm' show up on my skin tone which is medium/tan?

Good for oily skin?

Also someone told me that Elf's Candid Coral is a good alternative for NARS Orgasm because it cost less, anyone else agree or know anything about Elf's blushes?


Sorry I'm just a little hesitant to buy NARS. But thank you to anyone that replies(:

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The short answer is: No, NARS blush is not overrated -- however, for you, Orgasm might not be the best blush in the line. Orgasm is a shimmery peachy pink; if you'd prefer a stronger coral, I would actually go with Torrid (which will absolutely show up on your skin). I do love Orgasm, but I do not at all agree with the opinion that it is "universally flattering." It can be flattering, certainly, but it isn't always. In general, NARS powder blush will work with oily skin.


If you are only looking to save money, ELF might be a good alternative -- some of them are very nice, but the NARS blushes are definitely higher quality and better pigmented -- but if this is not a concern for you, I would not have qualms about trying ELF.


Good luck in your decision!

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