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NARS blushes overrated?

Are NARS blushes overrated?

Will the color 'Orgasm' show up on my skin tone which is medium/tan?

Good for oily skin?

Also someone told me that Elf's Candid Coral is a good alternative for NARS Orgasm because it cost less, anyone else agree or know anything about Elf's blushes?


Sorry I'm just a little hesitant to buy NARS. But thank you to anyone that replies(:

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NARS blushes are not overrated, but I agree with everyone else saying that Orgasm may not be the best color for tan skin.  I had the same problem, I had been using Super Orgasm, because I like how it has more shimmer and when I got tan over the summer, I noticed that it was gradually not making a difference on my skin, so I went to Sephora and talked to them, and explained that I really wanted to stick with NARS because, well, really, they are the best, and I immediately liked Oasis, so she tried it on me and it worked, even on skin as dark as mine.  It shows up really well, looks really nature, is easy to manipulate and stays on all day.  I love it, completely worth the money, and they last forever, I bought my original Orgasm blush three years ago, still have it, haven't hit the pan,

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