Mystery Hair Color
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I'm attempting to grow my hair back to my natural color from its dyed-black state.  The roots are long enough now that I need to start thinking about tweaking my makeup color scheme a bit to best suit.  This may seem silly, but I haven't a clue what you'd classify my hair color as!  Am I a dark, dishwater blonde or a light brown?  Whatever you'd classify it under, it has slight reddish tones but I'm far from being anything of a red-head.


Here's the snipped version of a photo to get an idea:


Keep in mind too this was taken of me recently during cloudy weather (no sun to lighten for months), and in a dark room.  This is its absolute darkest state.  When exposed to sun it gets lighter and streaky.  It's hard to determine such accurately just going off a picture and rather unfair to ask, but what would you say?  Also what colors for makeup all around (eyes/lips/ETC.) would you suggest as most flattering for me with the lighter hair?  Despite having blue eyes and some lighter features, my skin is quite yellowy, warm-toned so picking the right shades get tricky.


Thanks in advance and I hope everyone had a good holiday this year!

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