My classmates call me ugly how do I make myself beautiful ?

I have some classmates in my school I am 13 years old ,but when I talk them they call me ugly and make fun of me how do I make myself beautiful enough to be call something nice for once.

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I understand exactly what you're going through. I'm at that age (and I'm a very insecure person) and I'm mixed race (Japanese is my dominent nationality) so I have a very unfortunate tries to be wide and undefined like an Asian nose but its quite long and has a bump in the bridge, and I have pale, yellow-toned skin and an Asian's eye shape but with an eyelid crease. I used to hate myself for my Japanese features, I'd hide behind layers of makeup and try to make myself look more Westernized. It took learning my culture's beautiful history and struggles to make me feel proud of who I am, and find my nationality beautiful. I feel incredibly lucky to be Japanese now, and I wear a lot less makeup Smiley Wink


What I'm trying to say (though it is a cliche) is that you are beautiful in your own way. And I'm positive you are not ugly. Nobody is ugly. They're just uniquely beautiful. When your classmates make fun of you, they're just showing just how insecure they are by finding your faults (we all have plenty) and focusing on them until thats all they see. Remember, there is no absolute definiton of beautiful, and it would be screwed up if there was! You don't need to 'make yourself beautiful' because you are beautiful. If wearing makeup or playing up your natural beauty would make you feel at peace, go right ahead and do that! And I'll give you a few tips to accieve that.


Eyes not sure what your eye colour is, so I'll just do them all ! Smiley Wink

Blue: pale, neutral brown or plum smokey eyes work well, with a bit of brown eyeliner lining your upper lids and going three-quarters of the way into your lower waterline. you could also play them up with more blue eyeshadows or pale pinks!

Brown: very versital colour, you can go from dark gray smokey eyes to pale, shimmery pastels. dark brown to black works well (i have dark eyes and i love bareEscentuals big and bright eyeliner in coffee!)

Hazel: (see blue and brown) and olive green eyeshadows work really well on hazel eyes, with plum or brown eyeliners

Green: (see blue and hazel) golden eyeshadows and black or brown eyeliners work really really beautifully. you could also do a gray smokey eye, if you were feeling daring Smiley Happy


Just have fun with it! those above are basically to enhance your eyecolour, but you can do whatever floats your boatSmiley Happy



  • when the eyes are played up a lot and you want them do be the main focus, make the lips understated. a peachy-nude gloss or a transparent pink-nude cream lipstick are the ways to go. clear gloss or chapstick work well too.
  • try not to wear bright red lipsticks to school (it would be amazing if we could though!) but try a cherry toned gloss with neutral brown smokey eyes or even black cat-eye eyeliner with no shadow.
  • pearl tones are always awesome for day and appropriot for win Smiley Wink


(choose a blush or bronzer that works well with your skin tone!!!)

  • bronzer on forehead,cheeks, nose, and chin with a bit of blush on your cheeks makes you look like you just got back from the beach Smiley Happy
  • try understated lips and eyes with a bright pink blush on the apples of your cheeks for an innocent, flushed look.
  • put a bit of shimmery highlighter on the bridge of your nose, cheeks, forehead, brow bone+eyelids and cupids bow(part of your upper lip where it dips? bad explaination, sorry!!!) and dust a translucent powder over your face to dampen the shinyness but not completely mattify your face. a bit of peachy blush never hurt either Smiley Happy


this is pretty basic, just find a lightweight, sheer foundation and match it to your skin colour. don't go all overboard applying it to cover blemishes...get a good concealer to do that. green tones work best for red, inflamed blemishes and one a bit lighter than your skin tone works for little imperfections.


You don't need makeup to be beautiful! Just remember that and don't use it as a mask, like i did for so long. Just be yourself, and your natural beauty will shine through!


Hope this helped. Good luck Smiley Happy




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