Must-have NARS products?

So I won the monthly grand-prize drawing from NARS, which is a $400 online shopping spree! :smileyhappy: I am hoping that I could get some suggestions on must-have NARS products. I have already have Turkish Delight, Albatross and the One Night Stand blush palette. I especially want to try out a few eyeshadow duos so please let me know your faves!  


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I noticed Kalahari, Silk Road, and Alhambra have been recommended.  They are all great neutrals, definite must haves.  But the cool thing about NARS eye duos are the more unusual colors.  You swear you could never see yourself wearing them, but trust me,  you'll reach for them constantly!  Kauai is fantastic.  Check out Marie Galante, Scorched Sun, Cleo, and Mad Mad World.  Oh and Fashion Rebel too!


Re: Must-have NARS products?

Thanks everyone for your awesome suggestions!! For those of you wondering, I entered the drawing on  http://www.narscosmetics.com/ by clicking the link on the top of the page that said "Enter for a chance to win a $400 shopping spree". 


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My fave duos from NARS are Kalahari (great everyday shades), Alhambra, Brousse and the Kauai. Melusine duo is great for the fall/winter months. And the few 413 items I've bought have all been wonderful especially the multiple and the exclusive Satin Lip pencils. Have fun shopping. :smileyhappy: 


Re: Must-have NARS products?

If possible get the Monoi Body Glow II body oil, it is a wonderful moisturizer and the scent is a light, tropical oasis in a sea of people wearing stuff that is too sweet or too heavy.


Re: Must-have NARS products?

Congrats :smileyhappy: Nice to hear some people actually win these drawings.


Re: Must-have NARS products?

NARS matte multiple

NARS Kauai duo and smudge-proof eyeshadow base

NARS Orgasm/Laguna duo (if you don't already have it)



Re: Must-have NARS products?

Wohoo, lucky you,,,congrats


Re: Must-have NARS products?

That's great!  Since you're looking at eye shadow palettes, how about the NARSassist palette, China Seas and/or Nouveau Monde?  NARS shadows have great pigmentation and beautiful colors.  I agree with Marydiva on the Dolce Vita lipstick as well.  It's an all time favorite.  Have fun! 


Re: Must-have NARS products?

Wow, congrats!


My favorite eyeshadow duo is Tzarine.


I'd recommend stocking up on the eye primer, and focusing on online exclusives like the 413 BLKR collection. Alternatively, you could also treat yourself to one nice brush in your haul.


I'm currently loving the brand-new Malacca single. 


Re: Must-have NARS products?

Oooh, I'm so jealous!  Well, the Satin Lip Pencils rock, you should definitely stock up on those!  I just got an order from NARS today, got the Villa Lante satin pencil, described as cherry blossom pink, so pretty.  And certainly go for the 413Blkr products.  NARS brushes are some of the best out there, so you might want to think about investing in a set of those.  Have fun!


Re: Must-have NARS products?

Wow congrats!!! :smileyfrustrated:  


Nars is one of my all time favorite brands; I just wish they sold their stuff in pro pans like MAC so I could put them right into my Zpallette without depotting... but anyway.


Some of my ultimate favs:



Gaiety - cool blue based medium pink blush

Desire - also great in a warmer, more hot pink shade (probably don't need both Desire and Gaiety!)

Sin - mostly-neutral muted slightly cool plum with subtle pearl shimmer



How about trying one of their new contour duo compacts?  They were a little pinkish for me, but I like they are are not orange.



For summer I am LOVING the aqua colored eye pencil - Larger Than Life Long-Wear Eyeliner in Barrow Street.  

Nars Abyssinia eyeshadow is my everyday go-to sweep over lids and highlight inner corners shade :smileyvery-happy:.



Summer orange trend: TIMANFAYA lip stick pencil!  Very on trend, a great color too.  Not a grandma coral orange.


The light reflecting pressed powder I find OK/nice, it's not an HG for me but worth trying.


If I was not sensitive to silicones, I would love their primer stick, cool product.


Nars ITA #21 (or #28) brush would be a top recommendation, but it's sold out company-wide :smileysad:.


Same with their lavender lipgloss Larger than Life in color Anees for summer (sold out)... it might be worth asking about these two products anyway, they are super popular and unique! 




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I just bought that lipgloss about two weeks ago. Didn't realize it was sold out. Glad I picked it up when I did (Anees). 


Re: Must-have NARS products?

Congrats!! ((: I love their lipsticks - Dolce Vita is a great MLBB shade. Sheer and gorgeous. Laguna is fantastic. And of course, their blushes.


Re: Must-have NARS products?

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Just wanted to say congrats! That's awesome!


Re: Must-have NARS products?

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Must have products...


1. sheer glow foundation

2. laguna bronzer

3. lipsticks!

4. orgasm blush

5. tinted moisturizer


Happy shopping!


Re: Must-have NARS products?

Congratulations! You have to get multiple satin lip pencils, velvet matte lip pencils, Laguna bronzer, Radiant creamy concealer, light reflecting powder, the new contour blush palette, sheer glow foundation, and the smudge proof eye shadow base


Also, how do you enter this contest?


Re: Must-have NARS products?

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Congrats! I am so jealous! 


- Eyeshadow duo in Kauai (it is my far the most buttery duo I own)

- Matte Multiples (these are new but I think it would be great for contouring)

- Realm of the Senses Blush Palette (this is limited edition and it's sooooo pretty)

- Larger than Life lipglosses (I like these better than the regular lipglosses and they were just reformulated and repackaged)

- Laguna bronzer (one of my fav bronzers)

- Eye primer (you mentioned you already have this, but why not stock up? :smileywink:

- Lipstick (I like Dolce Vita for a my lips but better color)

- Velvet lip pencils (smooth and easy to apply)

- Blush (I like deep throat, it is similar to orgasms without the amount shimmer)


I personally do not like their eyeshadow palettes (had the narsissist and the god created the women). I don't feel like the quality is on par as the duo or single eyeshadows. Also, this is a great chance to try some new products you may be interested in! I would stock up on essentials since you will be using those regardless and try some new things out since this is a great chance to try without buy :smileywink: I would also try some limited edition items since they may not be available later on. 


Re: Must-have NARS products?

You're so lucky! Congratulations!


Do you contour? I LOVE the NARS Matte Multiple. I use Altai (rose bronze). Lovely color that looks so natural with my light skin/warm undertone & blends beautifully.  





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Congratulations!  The Light Reflecting Setting Powder is really good.  Schiap is my favorite lipstick ever, but it's PINK and may not be your cup of tea.  I don't care much for their eyeshadows--they've been hit or miss for me--but this is definitely a good way for you to try some out!  Have fun shopping!


Re: Must-have NARS products?

Have you considered the 413 BLKR products? They look really, really pretty, and you can only buy them direct from the NARS site (or NARS boutiques). I've been eyeing the blush and illuminator like crazy!

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