Mint green prom dress makeup?
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I'm wearing a mint green dress to prom and i'm wondering how i should do my makeup, specifically eyeshadow colors. I have semi fair skin, light brown hair, and green eyes. My dress is strapless, and has jewel embellishments along the bustline. Also I'm wearing my hair down. Thanks for your help! Smiley Happy

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I'd say the best eye-look would to do a simple black cat eyeliner. Then you would highlight under your brows, and possibly contour your "eye-sockets", with a grey shadow. 

A nice cool toned pink gloss would complement the mint green dress, as well as a soft peachy blush. 

Just remember, Have fun; it's prom! 

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mmm...I was about to say tangerine/orange but I think it might be too costumey. Mint green is sorta in the middle and looks good with orange/coral and silver. I'd go with a cool bright pink or sheer coral/orange lip and a soft gray/silver-ish smokey eye, but I have brown eyes and I suggest experiment with that and see what you like.

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