Michelle Phan's way of cleaning brushes...? Dish soap and olive oil?
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Is it true that you can cleanse your makeup brushes in antibactierial dish soap and olive oil (so they dont dry out)? Or is this not true? I saw the idea on Michelle Phan's youtube video, and thought because she is doing videos and making palettes for Sephora now, that this was a legit claim... But I want to double check

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You can clean them with dish soap, facial cleanser, shampoo, or actual brush cleaner. There's not much difference.


As for conditioning the brush with oil/conditioner, I think it only holds true for natural hair brush (animal hair) and not synthetics.


I use my L'oreal 360 deep clean facial cleanser with no problem and I never use oil or anything to condition the brush. I've got oily skin, so I figure using it 1-2 times is same as conditioning the brush (especially since I only do make up right after clean/moisturizing my face). =P


Yes, It's one of the best ways to take care of your brushes actually. Some people won't use anything but a cleanser that is so "called" designed to clean your brushes like Mac or Estee Lauder Brush cleanser, but in reality those cleansers are extremely alcohol based and compromise the longevity of your brushes life span. This can be detrimental especially when you are saving money to buy professional brushes. It dries out the hairs like crazy and causes them to shed. For a quick 101 on brush care, Never tap the ferules of your brushes, never let the ferule of your brush get wet. Don't push down hard when brushes are in use. Don't use heavily alcohol based cleaners. Any type of oil has a removing property, so not only will it keep your brushes soft, but it will remove stubborn makeup just like your makeup remover.

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This is a great way for cleaning brushes. Using olive oil also helps break down makeup (like foundation) that has an oily base.

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