Mascara always smudges

Okay I am at a loss.. My mascara ALWAYS gets under the outer corners of my lower lash line... I use powder to set concealer.. and water proof mascara... And trust me I know how crazy this is about to sound but bear with me... I was so tired of looking like a insane person with black under eyes.. so I stopped putting it on my lower lashes.... AND IT STILL SMUDGES UNDER MY EYE! How does that even happen?? Like there is no mascara on my bottom lashes and it still gets down there lol.

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I used to have this problem especially with any mascara from Benefit.  Try tubing mascara's or ones like Black Ecstacy by Georgio Armani which is also hassle free to remove and not too expensive

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Thank you! Ill give them a try! Smiley Happy


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Hi @Kelsiiibee


I'd recommend to look into tubing mascaras! They're mascaras that "tube" your existing lashes and come off super easily with water. I've heard that a lot of people who experiencing mascara smudging have had a lot of success with this. Blinc Blinc Mascara and CLINIQUE Lash Power Mascara Long-Wearing Formula are popular choices among those who like tubing mascaras. Smiley Happy


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