Makeup storage? What's Yours?

Okay, So I am redoing my room, and my current makeup storage is overflowing. So, I decided toplace a vanity in! But I dont know which kind I would like! I am kind of on a budget. So nothing super expensive. And DIY is always excepted! But yeah. I wanted to Know how you guys store your makeup, with a vanity, and extra storage?  Whatever you do! Pictures always excepted!!! :smileyvery-happy:


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4 tier acrylic see through case I purchased on Ebay.  I bought it for myself as a Christmas gift over year ago and love it


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I love it when beauty meets organization! :smileyvery-happy:


I was in a similar rut, though more for my perfumes..I have so many!! Previously, I was storing my perfumes on my bathroom counter, which is happily pretty big. I took one of those glittery Sephora Favorites boxes and folded one side of it so part of it was elevated, and put all my perfumes on that semi-open looks pretty elegant if I do say so myself. I'd take a picture but I'm away for the summer. :smileytongue: Anyway, as I am away, I've done a bit of perfume shopping and know my little Sephora box will not cut it when I get back. So I bought a 3-tier glass shelf from Wal-Mart for about $10. Looks something like this:

It's not too big either (11.75 in x 5.75 in x 15.75 in) so I'm thinking of putting it on the countertop when I get back. That's for my perfumes, but I think it might work well for cosmetics and such, especially if you have big bottles/tubes of anything.


For everything else I have 2 little drawers in the bathroom -- one for skincare products and one for makeup. Any extra items (like duplicate lipglosses or extra primers I don't want to use yet, sample packets) I stick in a separate box and keep it in the closet for later.


I don't have too many skincare products so I'm kind of "whatever" about that drawer, lol, but my makeup drawer is pretty organized. I use a lot of old perfume boxes or skincare boxes for compartmentalizing. The only other thing on my countertop is a cute Harry Potter cup where I put all my makeup brushes. It's whimsical and I love it. :smileyhappy:


If this thread is still current when I get back to my apartment in the fall, I want to post pictures of my storage system because I'm quite happy with it. :smileyvery-happy:


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Here's how I store mine...I bought it from Ikea in the children's bedroom section :smileyhappy:

I also have  an overflowing makeup bag in my purse and a train case...also overflowing LOL...






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I have a low dresser and added a mirror on top. As for make up itself, I have a couple of Benefit make up cases and organize by type of make up (eyes, face, etc.). Sephora used to sell make up brush boxes, so when stopped making them, I started using the tins/baskets they sell at Bath & Body Works.



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Hi!  I recently made a post about my new makeup storage:


The Container Store is a great option for some cheap drawers and storage ideas.  Check it out!


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Sadly I have two train cases, and 4 plastic bins of makeup (not to mention my nail polish cases and hair products) and its still not enough. :smileysad: I had to resort to a giant tupperware bin to store in my closet for when my makeup runs out and I need backups! Target has some fun cases and boxes you can use, and I even found some in Ross! Are there Ross's around the country as well? It's almost like a tj maxx or marshalls. Great deals! $3 to $14 organizing trays! :smileyhappy: 



Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

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In Baltimore, MD there is a Ross and a TJ Maxx and a Burlington

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I had the same problem. I one had to invest in a train case. Then I went on target dot com and bought a vanity, nothing fancy. It's basic black and has a mirror that lifts up to reveal a space for curling irons or makeup and two sides with drawers. I changed the knobs to pretty glass ones from Lowes. I have stuff all over the top, in the drawers and my train case is underneath it. It came with a seat too. I plan to re cover it with a fabric that matches my room eventually. My bathroom drawers still has products in it but overall this has proven to be a solution for me now, provided I don't get too much more makeup. Haha. Hope this helps.

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There has been quite a few threads about this, so those might give you some good ideas. You can search for posts on the right in the "ask a beauty question". I searched "beauty storage" and here are the relevant responses:


My response was also somewhere in there and I'm too lazy to type it all out again.


Re: Makeup storage? What's Yours?



I just recently bought this plastic drawer set at Walmart for 9 bucks. It holds everything except my bigger palettes and brushes and takes up very little space in my bathroom cabinet. LOVE.

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