Makeup start outs?

what are some beginner products if you're starting out with makeup?

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1. A BB Cream or Foundation which ever you are more comfortable with. BB Creams/Tinted Moisturizers tend to be more sheer though some can give some coverage but usually I've heard them used to help even out the skin tone. While foundations will give you coverage for any blemishes, hyper pigmentation and all the stuff you would rather hide.

2. Blush: to give your cheeks that pretty flush look however make sure you find a blush color that compliments your skin tone a pale pink or peach is good to start off with something you can put on and not worry about putting too much on if that makes sense lol.

3. Mascara: depending on your preference theres lots that do different things some give you volume others lengthen your lashes etc etc. All the brands Sephora carries are awesome but there are plenty of drug store brands that work jus as well and for a fraction of the cost (the only makeup product I trust drugstores with)

4. Eyeliner: a brown and black are good colors to start off with you can add colors later once you are more comfortable with experimenting with your look.

5. Concealer: a good concealer is always a must have. I use the bobbi brown corrector and concealer on top of one another to conceal the dark circles around my eyes and blemishes.

6. Simple Eye Shadow Palette: something a couple colors that you can play with but still keep a very natural look again until you are ready to expand into the world of makeup experimentation. I loveeee the Naked Basics Palette keeps my makeup nice and simple yet very pretty =).

7. And what I would call the MOST important thing you should have is a good MAKEUP REMOVER! I can not stress this enough soap is often not enough to get off all the gunk we put on our faces. Even when makeup products say they are good for your skin and all that they still have chemicals that if left on your skin overnight can clog pores and cause blemishes so having something that just takes it allll off is vital to keeping your skin clean. 

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Hi!  Some basics to start with would be:


1. a brown or black mascara:


2. a pink/peach blush (depending on your skintone-and I'd stay away from something with a lot of shimmer):


3. lip gloss or balm:



If you want to experiment a little further, try a champagne shimmery eyeshadow, like Stila's Kitten, all over the lid (but just the lid, don't blend up) to make the eyes pop-this shade will work for any eye color:


Hope this helps!

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