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Makeup ideas for back to school
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Hey guys can u tell me what makeup i should wear for school!?? Thanks so much!

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Okay! So you definitely want to keep it light, and easy! With green eyes, you want to try some purples (that are red based, not blue), and some metalllics like bronze, copper and gold.


I personally don't like the idea in investing a lot of money in a whole bunch of pallets, so i'll tell you how i do my eyes, and this will make it easy for school too! For the easiest eye ever, take a white (something light and shimmery that blends right into your skin, and DOES NOT just sit on top all cakey) and put most of it on the outside half under your brow. Sweep that to the other half, then get some more on your brush. Tap it into the very inner corner of your eye and then sweep some under your lashes. Then take whatever color you use and apply it all over the lid and crease. 


If you want to do something more detailed or smokey looking, you can still do it with just one color. To do that you do the same thing as above, except put the color very lightly on your lid. Then take a higher concentration of that color and start on the outside corner of your crease and mix it in. You can put it on the outside corner of your lid too. If you want, you can take the white and dust it on the inside corner of your lid aswell. I like to go big with my eye shadow (I rarely go for the natural look) so i take a tiny brush and smudge some of my color just barely under my lashes. 


I encourage you to play with your friends makeup palletes instead of buying a big one. That way you know what colors you like and what works for you. 


As far as liner and mascara go, definitely stay with a chocolate/ dark brown, putting more or less depending on how natural a look you are going for. 


Find a pretty pink blush as well as a light petal pink cutesy lip color. 


I hope this helps!

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