Makeup for navy dress
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Im going to my university grad and wearing a dark navy blue dress and silver accents. I have green eyes and a medium complexion. What makeup should I do!?

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For a graduation I would do a classic/timeless look. Work on making your skin look flawless, bronzer on the cheeks and lightly in number 3 or C pattern, lightly lined eyes, mascara, any lip colour: a natural lip colour or a red, or the orange-red that is trendy, or a pink (depends on your style) .



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To make your green eyes really stand out, wear an eyeshadow that’s the opposite of your eye shade on the color spectrum.  Green-eyed people have a great deal of eyeshadow colors to choose from such as:

  • browns (especially with chocolate tones)
  • dark greens (especially with copper and gold highlights mixed in)
  • copper
  • gold
  • apricots
  • taupes
  • dark purples
  • plums


Urban Decay Eyeshadow is one of my favorite eyeshadows and it comes in the colors I listed above and many more which you can find at:

Urban Decay has also come out with Stardust Eyeshadow which has a prismatic sparkle and comes in some really fun colors which you can find at:


I hope this helps you.  Smiley Happy

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First thing, make sure that you use a foundation that doesn't contain SPF like Make Up forever HD foundation, MAC face and body foundation or MAC Studio Tech foundation.

As for eyes I would do a soft grey smokey eye or perhaps mix it up using soft silvery pink shades for a more angelic look.

I like this look in particular:

also this one:

 You could also take a shadow like MAC's Naked lunch all over the lid, then put a shadow like Expensive Pink in the crease and yoghurt shadow on the browbone as a highlight. Then line your around your eyes with dark blue or violet eyeliner and add mascara.

As for blush there are lots you can choose from! If you go for more the romantic, silvery look you can keep the color nice and light and cool on your cheeks with a blush like NARS Douceur or MAC's blush in Breath of plum, Cubic or well dressed.

I think adding a silvery highlight to the top of your cheekbones would be especially pretty. Something like benefit's High Beam.

As for lips you could go with a neutral toned color or go with a sheer color like MAC's Pervette, Gleam or midmauve.


Hope that helps!


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