Makeup for a Cruise?
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So i'm going to a Quinces(Like their 16's for latin girls) Cruise on June 8, and I need to do my own make up for the main party. It consists of all the girls in white, extravageant dresses dancing around a stage. Under strong lights, it'll easier wear down your makeup. I already have a foundation base, (Kat Von D in Medium 52) but I need a primer since it kinda cakes up easily. Well, more accurately saying, it gets into my pores. I use a normal makeup sponge from the drugstore to apply it. Any budget-friendly primers out there for a 15-year-old, with oily skin? Also, I need subtle products for my face that will match my white and silver accents. If you need more info to make a suggestion, please feel free to ask.

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I'm gonna suggest either Hard Candy Sheer Envy primer( can find at Walmart) or L'oreal Studio Secret Primer. Those have worked best for my sister, and she has pretty oily skin. I hope that helps some! I would suggest a cream colored eye shadow and then really play up your lips or accessorize with lots of flashy jewelry that "goes" with your outfit! My fav "cheap" eye shadow in a cream color is crem brulee by Wet n' Wild! Really pigmented for such a cheap price! 

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