Makeup for a 19-year-old (a beginner!)
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Hi everyone! I'm turning 19 very soon and I almost lament the fact that I have been utterly clueless about makeup over the last few years. While I don't doubt it's just the right age to start learning about enhancing my features through makeup, I still want to achieve very natural looks that only subtly boost my appearance. I'm liking the idea of a bit of eyeliner (I look soooo young and I want to look a bit more like my age for once!), blush, lip stain, and light foundation, only for masking my blemishes and eye bags. Maybe some neutral colored eyeshadow would look good sometimes. Would y'all please recommend some great products I could use and what routine I should adopt (like using a primer or something) to make sure I take care of my skin? I'm Asian, so I have fair to light brown skin, deep brown eyes and brown hair (dyed it just recently). Thank you so much for your help! Smiley Happy


EDIT: Thank you so much everyone for taking the time to give me such lovely, helpful advice! I feel so encouraged and excited to try putting on makeup now. I'll keep all of your suggestions in mind when I go makeup shopping. Smiley Happy Again, thank you!

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First, I would recommend learning from YouTube videos. Learning from magazines and books is like learning how to cook from a cookbook. You need to know what the techniques are all about by watching and observing first.


Second, because you are Asian and because of your description, I'm going to assume you are East Asian. We tend to have oilier lids so I would recommend an eye primer, waterproof eye makeup, and if possible, Japanese brands. Japanese eyebrow pens are the best - very fair for our sparse brows and long lasting. Very good eyeliners as well. Plus, they're cheaper! Don't skimp on eyebrow maintenance - it will make a big difference when they're defined. You can even trim any stray ones to keep it all in line. Also, I'd invest in a good eyelash curler. I use Shiseido's and it's great. No makeup, no fuss, but it makes a huge difference.


As for mascara, here's a good video to help you choose which formula/brush will work best for you:


Skin care, that is tough to say. It really depends on your type of skin and how it reacts to products. I would say, experiment with a lot of products to find what works best for you. Sun protection is a must.


Looking your age... there have been some threads in the past w/great tips about how to look more mature using makeup.

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