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Would you prefer to have a big makeup collection that has drugstore and mid-end brands mixed or a small collection with high-end brands? And why? 


I recently decided that I am done with buying, experimenting and hoarding everything. Instead, I want to have an edited but more luxurious collection that would inspire me. I feel kind of stressed lately due to the huge amount of products I have and their expiration dates are fast approaching. I am very obsessed with bacteria (ignorance is bliss I guess) and cannot have them if they are expired even by one day. 


I though it would be fun to talk about makeup collections Smiley Happy

Re: Makeup collection preferences

I like having a mix of drugstore and high end. Surprisingly, more than half of my holy-grail beauty products are from the drugstore. I definitely get stressed out looking at the mountain of makeup I need to get through so I don't waste my money, but I think until I find the perfect product in every category, I won't stop experimenting.


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