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Does anyone else have a separate dresser just to store their makeup? I bought a lingerie chest from Ikea thinking I was going to have extra space, but the whole thing is filled =( So embarrassing!!!!! All of the makeup has its use, and I went and threw out the things I dont use because clutter drives me insane. Someone tell me they do to ease my embarrassment haha.

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I have too much stuff to fit in a dresser!  I have 4 of those 3 drawer organizers, a bunch of silverware trays, 3 train cases, about 3 makeup bags and oodles of stuff on 3 large shelves in my closet! I worry that one day we will get an earthquake (rare in PA, thank goodness) when I have the closet door open and I will get squished by my makeup.

Can you see the headline-  "Woman buried in makeup-film at 11".   LOL

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I have the same problem! I have a dresser type deal to store my makeup in, but I keep the products that I use everyday as well as my everyday brushes in a spinning holder on my vanity. I got it from michaels, the craft store, and it's made for scrapbooking so it has a ton of space.  I also have a plastic 3-drawer container that I store extra makeup and such in that I keep under my vanity. Hope this helps! Good luck:smileywink:




I have a small 5-drawer plastic drawer thing from Walmart that holds all my makeup, besides my brushes. My brushes are kept in a cup filled with beads haha :smileyvery-happy:.


There are lots who probably run into the same dilemma.  It is always good to throw out every once in a while too.  To answer your question:  Yes!


I keep saying one day I'll make better utilization out of my area(s) but I have not found a storage system or trays to my liking (picky!).  The best attempt was looking at items from either an office supply or home improvement store as possible solutions.  They had these really neat stackable small bins for 1.99 each.  Line those with the non adhesive shelf liners and it might possibly work.  Then I thought,  "Well what about the rest of it?"  Then something of higher priority took over.  I would like to tackle the bathroom cabinets though.     


I clean my makeup train case out every couple months. That way if something that doesnt fit I will take something out that I don't use or rarely use and toss it. None of my palettes fit in my train case so i keep a separate container for them. But you still have me beat by a long shot


I have two 7-drawer storage containers from Sterilite that are overflowing.  You are not alone!  Just check out the thread "Count - if you dare" from awhile back!  :smileyhappy:

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My makeup collection is slowly growing and here is how I store my makeup:

(I get free makeup bags when I buy a gift with purchase) 

Bag 1) It contains all my eye makeup- single/ duo/ quad eyeshadows, eyeliners, eye primers

Bag 2) face-related products- blush (which I never use but have 3 of), foundation, face powder, used sponges which I have to throw away, samples of foundation. 

Bag 3)- mascara and lipgloss

Bag 4)- brushes and my new concealer pencil from UD. 

Things that are just scattered- 2 palettes and a bag of makeup sponges and cotton balls, and eye makeup remover. 

i am going to get an organizer soon so I can store my products there and not right next to my computer! lol. I would not recommend storing makeup in your bathroom where you take showers because the hot water/ steam will cause your makeup to expire faster. 

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I feel so behind compared to you all.  Jealous! lol.  For Christmas last year, my Granny gave me this makeup storage spinner she ordered from QVC.  It works really well, but I have to reorganize it from time to time.  There's no way my make up and nail polishes can all fit it on.  I've got some catching up to do! lol

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Thanks for the hilarious post. I can completely sympathize with you on the large makeup inventory. I was just thinking this afternoon that I really need to get some sort of grip on my scattered cosmetic stash. In Texas earthquakes are rare but it is hurricane season and I live on the coast. We also live in Tornado alley. I think I need a make-up underground

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You are definitely not alone. I just bought and painted/upholstered a desk and storage stool thinking I could cram everything in it. Not even close. That, of course, doesn't mean I'm going to stop buying stuff, it just means i'll have to find a desk addition of some sort. 


Shop on, sister!

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Alright, I guess I'm renewing this thread.  I have reached capacity with my vanity and makeup armoire and need to either expand or work on the stuff I have:smileysad:. Window shopping for another unit to store stuff but I feel a little weird that I'm even contemplating expanding. 

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