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I know everyone here likes that phrase and its something I need to do. I have recently started wearing makeup but am mostly using my moms but I need some of my own. I already know what eyeliner I am going to get but I need you guys' opinion! I need a good, cheap, neutral palette, and a nice quality, cheap tinted moisturizer. Also, have any of you tried Benefit's Sugarbomb blush? If so, what is your opinion on it?

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I think sephoramusthave posed some great questions/suggestions. There is definitely a balance point between cost and quality, and when you're starting out with building your makeup collection, I think it's worth it to invest in a couple of higher quality products that you can wear everyday. There are a ton of different eyeshadow palettes out there. In addition to the Naked Basics, as sephoramusthave suggested, there are also the Naked and Naked 2 palettes by Urban Decay. They both have a beautiful selection of colors and will last a very long time. 


The Stila In the Light Palette is also a nice collection of neutrals, and comes with a full-sized Smudge Stick



The LORAC Pro Palette also has an awesome variety of neutral colors in matte and shimmery finishes. 


As for a tinted moisturizer, I've been using Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer and am generally happy with it. I think I ultimately prefer BB cream, though (I'm loving Dr. Jart+ at the moment).



If you have a Sephora store near you I would highly suggest taking some time to explore and play with the palettes and see which you like, and also ask the sales associates to make you up some samples of different tinted moisturizers to give yourself a chance to try them out before you make an investment in one.

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Whats your budget? Everyone has their own idea of what "cheap" means. For tinted moisturizer the best one I've tried is NARS but its quite pricey, but it lasts for ages. I had 4 deluxe samples at one point and they lasted me months. Get the urban decay naked basics, its the cheapest neutral palette that's also high quality, and it has all the neutral colors you'll ever need. I own benefit sugarbomb and I LOVE it. Its really really gorgeous and looks amazing when I'm super pale (right now) or have a nice tan (after beach vaca).

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