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Okay, so last year I had a horrible reaction in my eyes (I'll spare you the details, it was really gross and I ended up having to go to the hospital). This reaction was supposedly contact dermatitis but they never figured out what actually happened. So basically this whole jamboree resulted in me having to throw away...all of my makeup (and all my face-washes and hair products). Literally every single piece. My heart was broken, but after a few months of no makeup, and replacing all my other products with natural/sensitive skin/unscented ones, I could wear makeup again! But! There was an acceptation! I was bound to only Clinique because it was more sensitive? I don't really know, but it worked! Now my eyes are 110% better and I can wear whatever makeup Id like! The thing is, since I'm starting fresh I don't know where to start...


So now that you've heard my long back story, here is my question(s)!


Where do I start? What are some good products that are must-haves?

I'm aiming for a more natural look, but I'd still like to look a bit done up.


Some additional information:

-I have freckles so iv never tried using a foundation or anything because it normally makes my freckles look blurred, but i would like to try it if possible

-I have blue eyes, and id like to enhance them maybe?


Finally, Thank you so much for reading all this! I know its really long and I'd love to hear any of your suggestions

Re: Makeup Must Haves!

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If you're wary of another eye issue, maybe start with looking for products that are hypoallergenic, juts in case! Clinique's definitely one of them!


I have freckles too - although they're very faint, I still feel really weird when I cover them with foundation. On the daily, I tend to use some BB Cream or Tinted Moisturizer to cover up. I would recommend The Face Shop's Oil Free BB Cream, it has some calming properties and blends fairly well!


Mm... getting the UD Naked Palette might be good if you want a whole lot of options, I use the palette for lining my eyes and highlighting, too. It's great for eyeshadow too, of course!


Good luck, it's good you can start over and find new makeup to try out! Smiley Very Happy

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