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Im using Clinique Even Beter foudation color Sand, I want to change for Stay Matte foundation I must buy the same color? Sand? 



Also I want to know about makeup forever + velvet, is better than Clinique Stay Matte?

I need very longlasting and mat finish.

In makeup foever Imlooking color 65 its similar with the one I used at Clinique


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Hi Sylvia -


I ran your current foundation color through the Sephora color IQ, and it didn't show an exact match in either the Clinque Stay Matte or the MUFE. (If you want to try it, you can access the color IQ at the right under the main makeup tab on the Sephora home page).  It did, however, turn up an exact match in the Lancome Teinte Idole Ultra 24H in color 420 Bisque N.  This Lancome foundation has great staying power and the matte look you want, if you want to check it out.


Hope this is helpful!

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The shades in the Stay Matte Range might be a little different than the shades in the Even Better range, so test the color sand and also test one shade lighter and one shade darker. 


A lot of people seem to like the MUFE Mat Velvet better than the Clinique Stay Matte. You might have trouble finding the right shade in the Mat Velvet because there's not a lot of shades in between. Clinique has more shades to choose from. I have tried both foundations and to be honest, I like both foundations. I can't find a shade in Mat Velvet that matches me, so I settled for the Stay Matte and I'm quite happy.


The Clinique lasts all day on my skin, it doesn't get cakey, and it sets to a nice soft matte finish. 

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