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I am starting a challenge of the week, beauty experiment! Test out any product and post what you think of it here! If it is a new product, you can test it out by itself or against and old favorite product. Or if it is an old product, test it against another product that is the same ex: lipstick vs lipstick longevity or does it claim what it does: plump, moisturize, etc. I am going to test various products for waterproof-ness (that are not waterproof products), because many people ask what they can wear this summer without it smudging or coming off in the heat or water.


I tested Urban Decay's loved 24/7 liner in whiskey (a matte brown color) vs. Clinique's cream sharper for eyes in chocolate lustre a slightly spareky brow,. I put a swatch of each on my hand then went swimming. They both lasted about the same amount of time (Urban Decay slightly more), around and hour. But I would say these are good enough for waterproof because I was rubbing each of them at 10 minute intervals. Eyeliners are not really meant to be rubbed underwater and on your hand, so on your eye it will probably stay for longer. 


The winner, by  just a bit was Urban Decay's 24/7 liner

Sephora: Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil: Eyeliner

24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil

Sephora: Clinique Cream Shaper For Eyes: Eyeliner

Cream Shaper For Eyes

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Here's mine:

Buxom Lash vs. Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Mascara





Buxom Lash has a MONSTER brush. It's huge and kind of in an hourglass shape. The product page on Sephora says, "This vitamin-enriched formula deepens, darkens, and thickens from root to tip. The curvy hourglass-shaped brush holds the ideal amount of mascara to ensure every lash is coated evenly with our silky, clump-free formula."

It definitely darkens, and my lashes look thicker, longer, and deeper. This mascara also curls my lashes really well. It holds pretty well too. This is one of my favorite mascaras- a couple of coats and it seriously looks like I have falsies on. If there's any clumping, which there sometimes will be, I just fix it with my ELF mascara wand.





Flawless Definition, on the other hand, has a long, really skinny brush with way fewer and shorter bristles. The Sephora product page says, "This 100% pure bareMinerals Flawless Definition Mascara accentuates and separates each lash for a flawless and well-defined finishing touch to your eyes. The seriously tapered wand lengthens, darkens, and lifts for all-around beautiful lashes. Infused with 100% pure bareMinerals, antioxidants, and natural extracts, the smudge-free, paraben-free mascara conditions, fortifies, and protects lashes all day long. The sleek and savvy wand works like a 360-degree fine-toothed comb for outstanding definition, length, and lift."

This wand darkens, but not as much as Buxom did. It, however, did a better job of separating the lashes. The curl and length for these two were about the same, but this one added a little more volume at the base, making my lashes look more plentiful.



Winner: Undecided!

Haha. These are both really great mascaras. It's actually pretty hard to find differences between the two once on my lashes. Buxom, I feel, could produce more of a false lash effect, but Flawless Definition looks more natural. It just depends on what you want it to do.


Product pages links:


Flawless Definition:

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Great idea! I think I'll start by doing Too Faced " Natural Eye Neutral Eye Shadow Collection (Sephora Product Page) vs. Urban Decay "Naked Palette." (Sephora Product Page)



Too Faced "Natural Eye Neutral Eye Shadow Collection:"

I really liked this palette. The casual taupes/browns of the "day" look (top row) are great for everyday occasions. The "classic" look (middle row) is an elegant sort of bronze that is very flattering for dressy occasions when I'm wearing brown. The "fashion" look (bottom) row is very bright and glittery gold with sprakly brown. I found the "fashion" look to be a bit over-the-top since all three of the shadows are so glittery. I do like the applicator tool this palette comes with because the tapered brush on one end is great for contouring. I also like the instructions/diagrams because they make it easy to create the three different looks. The shadows are a fairly decent size, though given the expensive price, perhaps they ought to be a bit bigger. The eyeshadows seem to be of very good quality and have great pigmentation, though unless I use an eyelid primer they do crease after a couple hours.


Urban Decay "Naked Palette:"

I knew I wanted to try this because of all the rave reviews and my love for UD products, but I was skeptical about all the hype. Now that I've tried this product, I completely understand why Sephora can hardly keep this in stock: it is an amazing palette! It's a great value for several reasons: one, you get 12 eyeshadow and they're all very good size--much bigger than the ones in the Too Faced palette. It's also great because you get a mini UD "eyeshadow primer potion." These are top quality silky-soft eyeshadows that don't crease much on their own, but with the UD eyelid primer, they don't crease at all: they basically look great until I take them off. The color selection is fantastic too: you get so many flattering neutrals that will match just about any skin tone/personal style/mood/outfit. And I love that the textures of many of them are different: glitter is fun sometimes, but to look professional I usually want something matte and with palette I can have it all and mix and match different textures if I want! In the past, all the palettes I've bought came with instructions and diagrams that show you how to apply the eyeshadow to create different looks, but this one doesn't which made me apprehensive about purchasing it. But I've found that just experimenting with it myself with no restrictions has enabled me to create all kinds of different looks that are flattering for me in particular. It's certainly helped me be more creative about my eye makeup and I'm not hesitant now as I used to be about buying a palette with many different colors and no instructions.


So, basically, even though these are both great palettes of neutrals and I would recommend either, the Urban Decay "Naked Palette" is certainly the winner! Smiley Happy


This is a great idea, pandapple!  You get some of the best ideas!  This will be fun as well as really informative because it'll be nice to read what everyone actually thinks of a product and hear about it in detail.  When reading reviews on products in the review section, I never really know for sure how well a person tested the product and under what conditions, so this will be a much better reviewing process.

I'll have to start going through my makeup and figuring out what I'm going to compare.

You're a genius, pandapple! Smiley Happy


@ pandapple-  This is so genius!  Reading reviews for products don't give the full picture, the person writing the review only rates the given product. But this is true research, you ought to get some kind of prize!  How do you think these up, anyways?


I'm on board, I'll go through my products and test heat and humidity-proof-ness of stuff.  Results to follow, might take a couple of days since I have to test one product per day unless I have the time to take everything off at mid-day and reapply a different product. Think tomorrow I will test the new UD Cannonball vs other long last type mascaras. 

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Here is the results of my first few days of mascara testing:  I tested Urban Decay's Cannonball vs Fairy Drops Scandal Queen. I put each on one eye, along with liner (see later about liner), then went for a run. Came back and washed face with plain water. Worked outside gardening and did outside work all day in heat and humidity. Rinsed off face with plain water at lunchtime and supper time. Took off makeup 14 hours after application.


UD Cannonball and Fairy Drops both lasted all day. Some minor flaking with Fairy Drops, yesterday, but I got a bug in that eye so I rubbed it and rinsed it a lot so that could have caused the problem. I like the Cannonball better because the wand is easier for me to get a good application, it is a skinny wand so I can coat my tiny inner lashes without glopping up the rest of my lashes, unlike the Fairy Drops. The Fairy Drops has a big fat brush which causes clumping for me because it deposits too much mascara in some areas while not enough in the corners. (Small detail, but it bugs me).


Liners:  Today I tested the Stila Waterproof Liquid liner vs MUFE Aqua Eyes under the conditions listed above. Yesterday did only the Stila liner and it didn't make it to 14 hours, it started to flake off around 8 hours.  Today's test, the MUFE is starting to come off my lower lid at 10 hours, the Stila Waterproof is still looking good.

I am going to look through my other mascaras and test those along with UD 24/7 liners and MAC Fluidline. Problem is that I have to do this on days that I am going to be home because I don't have the same colors in both liners and it looks very strange to have copper on one eye and green or black on the otherSmiley Very Happy.

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