Makeup Do's & Dont's

Does anyone have any Beauty Commandments they live by? I feel that there are many things I see people wear and I either can't pull it off or I don't like it. Here are some of mine:



- Use sparkles!

- Highlight your best features (WELL DUH)

- co-ordinate makeup to match the occasion

- check you are blended in: no one likes a foundation line along their jawline!

- Have fun with makeup!



Do not:

- Use other people's make-up. Bacteria and germs people!

- Use makeup to hide yourself - make up is supposed to enhance your beauty

- Buy foundation without matching it - just because the bottle matches doesn't mean the insides will!

- Buy makeup for 'brand' just because it has a pretty label or a renouned name does not mean the product is right for you and you will like it. that being said, if it does - PERFECT! Smiley Happy


Does anyone agree or have others to add?


thanks!! Smiley Happy



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Smiley SurprisedHey Girl! Really fun post thanks!




- Highlight those cheekbones ( Bring out those babies!)

- Keep your face hydrated and dewy

- Keep your lips moisturized..lip products on rough lips is unflattering

-Shimmer in the inner tear duct



- Wear harsh black eyeliner with absolutely nothing else on. Looks yuck.

- Think that being orange is flattering. It isn't..on anybody!

- Feel the need to draw in your lips like a cartoon..your lips are there already we can see them! LOL

- Use shimmery white highlight on the browbone.. shimmer doesn't belong up there!

- Smile when you put on your blush that's not how its done haha.

- Draw in your eyebrows and expect nobody to notice your artwork.


Don't....forget to have fun with makeup!



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