Makeup Classes?

I didn't start wearing makeup until I was in my 30's.  The learning curve has been steep and there are still things I struggle with learning.


How do I find makeup classes in my area?  I don't want to go to a makeup counter, I want a true sit down and learn class.


Everyone and their mama is a MUA these days how do I go about finding a TRUE MUA and taking a class?


I really want to learn how do a winged liner (hooded eyes), apply eyelashes, contouring, highlighting and different shadow techniques.


Can you all help me?  I'm in the northeast close to DC/DelMarVa/Philly areas.





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Check _marisamakeup most recent post on instagram! She's offering live video makeup lessons to anywhere in the world!

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Check any cosmetology school around your area and see if they know any makeup schools. Most makeup schools have free workshops once a week. 


You can also go to IMATS to take a class with world renowned (some are Emmy Award winners!) makeup artists. 

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Hi newandaddicted! Sephora actually offers free classes at our stores! Smiley Happy For basically everything you listed in your post! Please click the link to find out more: 


And I mentioned it was free, right? Smiley Wink 




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The link does not work, but  I will contact a few stores and ask for a session or two.  Thank you.

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Call local bridal shops and local photographers - you'll need a phone book, not JCP Smiley Tongue

Ask who they recommend for a makeup artist, these recommendations would be able to do the most basic makeup, then you can look for reviews of them online and call them to see what they do (you go to them, they come to you, what you need to bring/they provide, etc) and ask if they do consultations..also let them know that you want a lessons, not just have them apply, if they can't/won't do see who they recommend.

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