MakeUp brushes for newbie

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Hi Everyone

I am looking for  good "quality" make up brush set. I don't know which "high name " brand has best quality. How many actually need when you do make up?

Does really high brand name  such as Chanel, Tom Ford ..edtc have best quality?


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I love sigma brushes, they are AMAZING quality and decently affordable.


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I personally think mac has the best quality brushes.

Real Techniques also has some amazing brushes


Re: MakeUp brushes for newbie

I don't recommend buying a set. because they also include unnecessary extras that I don't really need.. 

Hakuhodo has really nice brushes. One of the top quality 

Tom Ford I heard also has amazing brushes. 

Shu Uemura has great brushes, especially powder ones. 


Mid "level" ones are Mac (esp. eyes) and bobbi brown in my opinion. 


From my experience, 

you only need a foundation brush (flat + buffing), fluffy powder brush, highlighter brush that holds its shape well and is fluffy, contouring brush that's angled and blends well, concealer brush, eye shader brush, eye blender brush, brow brush, and eyeliner brush 


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I agree. I only use 3-4 brushes from my brush set max. And sometimes I wish I had 2 of the same. 


I would def just buy a few must have brushes and work my way out from there. 


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I really like Too Faced brushes.  They are the softest brushes I've ever used and work really well too.  They sell a five pieced set that would be perfect for someone new to makeup brushes.


Re: MakeUp brushes for newbie

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Higher end brands don't necessarily mean better quality, in general.


Sephora brand has some good starter sets that have an assortment of everyday brushes.


Deluxe antibacterial set - stay soft for a long time


Re: MakeUp brushes for newbie

so I tried to use sephora brush 
here are two i bought yesterday


Last night, I bought two set of brushes from sephora. It was on sale...
Can you help me one more time to decide with one is good?
1. sephora Prestige Luxe Brush Set
2. sephora COollection Ultimate Travel tool kit.


Re: MakeUp brushes for newbie

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I'll agree with everyone who has said Real Techniques, they are really great!(especially value for money wise) :smileyhappy:


Hakuhodo also makes amazing brushes! I only own several eye brushes, but they are seriously the best ones I've ever had. I even gave my away my MAC 217 and the 2 Sigma eye brushes I had because cause they just don't compare. A lot of their brushes are not too terribly expensive (like similar range or sometimes even less than MAC), though the ones with blue squirrel hair and other more rare hairs are fairly pricey.


I've never tried Chanel and Tom Ford mainly cause of price, but I've heard rumors that Hakuhodo manufactures Tom Ford brushes? (so essentially you get Hakuhodo brushes with the Tom Ford name? don't quote me on that though!) 


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I have had a great experience with all of the MAC brushes I have.  I have had one MAC foundation brush for over 10 years and it is still in great shape!  With MAC, I do not recommend getting their brush sets, as they are known for being lower quality than their normal brushes.  Figure out which basic brushes you want, then buy them individually.  I also find it key to get natural hair bristles for all of my makeup brushes except foundation.


For foundation, I actually like to use a dense synthetic brush for a flawless application.  The F80 by Sigma is good (this is the only Sigma brush I recommend, BTW, my other sigma brushes have fallen apart on me after only a few months) and I really like the Marc Jacobs the Face II. 


As far as how many brushes you need, it really depends.  I like to have one brush for each type of product I use each day, as i do not like to have to clean my brushes between each product (i just dont have time or patience for this on a daily basis).  So for me, I have the following brushes that I use everyday:


Foundation:  sigma F80




Bronzer: MAC 150


MAc 150 - bronzer.jpg


blush: MAC 116


MAC 116 - blush.jpg


Contouring - MAC 109


MAC 109 - contour.jpg


finishing powder - MAC 129


MAc 129 - finishing powder.jpg


Packing on eye shadow - MAC239


MAC 239.jpg


blending crease - MAC 217


MAC 217.jpg


defining crease and applying color to upper and lower lash line - MAC219


MAC 219.jpg


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All of my favorite makeup brushes are either by RealTechniques, MAC, or Sigma. I swear by them. 

RealTechniques are seriously the best though. They havea dupe for the beautyblender which I think is better


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RealTechniques brushes are great! I also have the Sigma Mrs.Bunny set and I love love love them. Both are good quality and easy to clean (super important to me).


I haven't tried Hakuhodo brushes yet but I've read/seen tons of reviews and they seem to be the most recommended high-end brushes.


If you're looking for something to begin with then I would go with RealTechniques but if you're wanting to invest, I would go with Hakuhodo.


Re: MakeUp brushes for newbie

I swear by the Eco Tools powder brush. It is so amazing, really soft and no shedding. It's also very budget friendly, but the quality is still great!


Re: MakeUp brushes for newbie

I think by and large, MAC has cornered the market on quality makeup brushes - perhaps especially eye makeup brushes. The 239 and 217 are pretty much legendary now. Most of my brushes are MAC, and I couldn't be happier with them. That said, it seems like Hakuhodo has burst onto the scene with some pretty awesome contenders. I haven't tried them yet, and I can't wait. 


My first good brushes were Chanel, and I still use and like them. They've held up beautifully for 10 years. Haven't used Tom Ford, so I can't speak to those. I do use Real Techniques brushes when I need synthetic brushes. Sometimes I use their stippling brush or their expert face brush for liquid foundation, and I use some of their eye brushes for cream shadows and concealer.


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If your looking for a quality brush set look no further than hakuhodo. Best brushes in the world. For a brush line that is a little more accessable check out Wayne Goss. All of his eye brushes are AMAZING and will make a complete difference in the way your makeup looks. 


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I recommend Real Techniques brushes from Ulta. It's less than twenty dollars for a set and the quality is really good and soft. I also like the ELF studio line (the one with the black handles, not the white) for three dollars each. Check your local Target for ELF brushes. ECO tools brushes are also really soft, but I prefer Real Techniques or ELF studio line brushes.


Re: MakeUp brushes for newbie

I don't recommend getting a set. Usually you end up paying for ones you won't use and the quality seems less.  Buy just a couple of really nice brushes that you are sure you will use and then slowly add to that.  I agree with the recommendation of MAC brushes. I don't care for much anything else MAC, but their brushes are great.

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