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Make Up Tips for Medium/Dark skin tone! (blush, lipstick, bronzer help wanted!)



I have medium/dark skin and currently used Smashbox's BB Cream as my foundation, but am, more or less, lost as to other products to use. I use a little bronzer now and just use regular chapstick. I want to find some bronzers/blushes to try out with something a little more peachy/golden for my cheeks and then add some subtle color to my lips. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks in advance!


(that's me! I keep my makeup pretty simple typically, but want to try "jazzing it up" sometimes!)



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I love your smile! It's so gorgeous and your eyes are so large and lovely!


If you want some blushes to try out, try Tarte! They launched a holiday 4 pack of mini blushes with a vibrant pink, peachy/coral, soft mocha, and a glistening cream color (makes a great highlighter for cheeks and eyes). It's out of stock currently, but I'm sure they'll be bringing it back real soon since it's a new/holiday product. They wear incredibly well and look very natural on skin!


Another great option is the 4 piece set from NARS, once again a variety of shades to add a nice punch of color to the cheeks! These are a little more bold than the Tarte ones.


For bronzer, one of my faves is Too Faced's chocolate bronzer, it's such a rich, chocolate shade with no red or orange undertones, the matte finish looks very natural on skin and isn't ruddy or muddy looking at all, not to mention it smells like chocolate! Use a fan brush or stipling brush to apply it so it looks the most natural.


For your lips, try a glossy balm with a hint of color to enhance that pretty smile but not take away from it! One of my faves is Benefit's Benetint Lip Balm. It's infused with SPF to protect and keep your kisser glossy and is super moisturizing. Though it looks like a rich rose red shade, it comes out a very sheer, rosey wash on the lips. I wear it alone and even layer it over nude or pink lipsticks to give shades a richer, warmer tone.

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