MUFE Aqua Shadow

Will I still need to use a primer with this shadow?

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I just recently started using the MUFE Aqua Creams and Aqua Shadow Pencils. I have naturaly oily eyelids and find that with the Aqua Shadow pots, they stay on all day long without a primer. As one of the other answers said, they do dry very quickly. You have less than 10 seconds to get it on there and how you want it before its dried on there for the day. As for the Aqua Shadow Pencils, they go on a bit differently. Its almost like you have more time to mess with those before they dry for good. MUFE shadows are very good, especially the cream shadows and shadow pencils. I think its really just personal preference. I dont use primer with them and they stay on great. As a matter of fact, they stay on so good that I have to scrub on my eyelids at night before bed to get them off. The stuff definitely stays on there good. So again, its really just up to you. Try it without and if it doesnt work for you then try it with a prmer first. =)

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