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Hello, I am turning 18 in less than a month and I look like I am 14/15 years old. Today I was asked if I was 12. Needless to say, I wasn't happy. Does anybody have some advice on different ways I can wear make up to look my age or anything that would help me look my age?

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What makeup do you currently use, or what is your routine? I always found that a little eyeliner along the top lid (and maybe 1/5 of the bottom lid) made me look a little older (it defines the eye shape). I would steer clear of bright eyeshadows and go for more muted neutrals for an older / more professional appearance. Mascara / dark lashes can seem older, too, and I would try a neutral or darker neutral lipstick (NARS Dolce Vita, for instance) instead of pale or bright pink shades.


Bone structure and face shape are significant factors, too; if you have a rounder face shape and fuller cheeks, your features will probably always read young, but you can contour your cheekbones and jawline using bronzer or a brown blush to add definition. (There are many good tutorials re: how to contour your face; I really like Lisa Eldridge and Wayne Goss on YouTube if you do a search for contouring.)


Lastly -- you probably really don't want to hear this now, but in a few short years you will be thankful for your youthful appearance! I used to get so annoyed when I occasionally had to provide ID for R-rated movies into my early 20s, but now it makes me sad if I don't get carded at bars or buying wine at the grocery store (which is silly; I do get carded 9 times out of 10, but when you're over 30, you can't really be offended if you're not!).


I'm a short 23 yr old and I get the "You're just a kid" look all the time. It was just yesterday some drunk dude yelled at me saying, "That's child labor" when I was working. I absolutely hate it, but when I'm 30+ I probably will love it. I think people are just jelly of our youthful looks Smiley Wink


To look more of your age or older here are some tricks:

  • Wear hair down curled or wavy
  • Eyeliner on top lid is a must
  • BOLD lipstick or darker neutral lipstick
  • Define cheek bones with bronzer
  • Padded bra if you're part of the itty bitty t!tty committee
  • Dress your age
  • Use an old lady scented perfume...just kidding! Don't do that!



Obviously you have a very youthful appearance and there is only so much that you should do to try to alter that with cosmetics.  Do you wear makeup?  What do you wear? Since you are so youthful I would be careful not to overdue it but I would go for a nice finished appearance. Think about making an appointment at Sephora for a makeover.  The experts there could guide you and give you tips that will work with your features and budget. 

I am guessing that  you are slim and petite. Take a critical look at your wardrobe.  You may be wearing garments that say "young girl".  Many brands now carry petites and very small sizes in fashions that are  more adult looking.  Start with good basics that you can mix and match with your current wardrobe.

Also think about how you carry yourself.  Do you speak and behave in a manor that seems very young?  Small changes can make a very big difference in how others view you. 

You must have a mature attitude if you are looking to solve this little problem. Embrace the fact that you are young and have your whole life ahead of you.  Be who you are-just with a little more polish and have fun doing it.


Dark lipstick and heels.


I'm a round-faced twenty-something who still lives in jeans, but I've found that adding heels to an outfit makes a difference.  I also love a merlot/burgundy lipstick, and I tend to be read a little older when I'm sporting it.


That being said, sometimes there's nothing you can do.  I was recently in a liquor store with my father and the woman at the counter didn't card me.  Not because she thought I was of age, it turns out, but because she thought it was obvious that I was his teenaged daughter and it wasn't worth the bother.  I also have a guy friend who only gets carded when he's in my company.  I try to appreciate it as something that will serve me well as I get older.


I was going to say the same thing as garnett -- look not only at your makeup but at your wardrobe as well.  You may need to switch to more 'adult' looking clothes, especially if you're working or doing more than hanging out with friends.  Accessories like jewelry, perfume, your purse, etc, all can influence your appearance. 


It might not help, but looking at what you're wearing and seeing if you've been wearing the same sort of thing for the past 6 years might make a big difference at your age, when those 6 years of appearance make a big difference.  (And yes, I hope you look back later and find you've still got wonderfully young looking skin, etc!)


I agree with what Katie1724 says!  You will love this when you get older. Smiley Happy

I think wearing foundation (one that matches and doesnt look like a mask) and contouring will help make you look older.


I have the same issue and I'm 25. I'm substitute teacher at a high school and teachers/security guards always stop me and ask for my student id >.< I wear makeup and for me it doesn't make a difference at all. 

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I don't have any advice...I am in the same boat.  When I was a senior in high school and keeping score for my 7th grade brother's volleyball game, I was asked by the lady keeping score for the other team if one of the boys was my big brother.  I was a teacher for 6 years before quitting to be a stay at home mom, and I was often mistaken for a student when going from the junior high where I worked to the high school, where the teachers didn't know me.  I was also scoffed at when I was pregnant at 26, people would think I was a knocked up teen.  It's frustrating and my hairstyle, makeup style, and clothing style doesn't seem to matter!

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