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Hello, I am turning 18 in less than a month and I look like I am 14/15 years old. Today I was asked if I was 12. Needless to say, I wasn't happy. Does anybody have some advice on different ways I can wear make up to look my age or anything that would help me look my age?

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What makeup do you currently use, or what is your routine? I always found that a little eyeliner along the top lid (and maybe 1/5 of the bottom lid) made me look a little older (it defines the eye shape). I would steer clear of bright eyeshadows and go for more muted neutrals for an older / more professional appearance. Mascara / dark lashes can seem older, too, and I would try a neutral or darker neutral lipstick (NARS Dolce Vita, for instance) instead of pale or bright pink shades.


Bone structure and face shape are significant factors, too; if you have a rounder face shape and fuller cheeks, your features will probably always read young, but you can contour your cheekbones and jawline using bronzer or a brown blush to add definition. (There are many good tutorials re: how to contour your face; I really like Lisa Eldridge and Wayne Goss on YouTube if you do a search for contouring.)


Lastly -- you probably really don't want to hear this now, but in a few short years you will be thankful for your youthful appearance! I used to get so annoyed when I occasionally had to provide ID for R-rated movies into my early 20s, but now it makes me sad if I don't get carded at bars or buying wine at the grocery store (which is silly; I do get carded 9 times out of 10, but when you're over 30, you can't really be offended if you're not!).

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Well I switch between two eyeshadow palettes. I use Urban Decay's Naked in the day time and use Urban Decay's Smoked for night time or special occasions. I use a coral lipstick that is very close to my natural lip color. I've never really used foundation because I normally don't get blemishes so if someone could point me in the right direction for that that would be great. I also have naturally curly eyelashes so I don't curl them and I do use mascara. I know when I am older I will love looking younger but right now not so much. I am going to start college in the fall, I don't like being thought of as a freshmen in high school.
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