Live Feed from VIB Rouge Event 03/30/14

Hi Ladies, 


I thought it may be good idea to hear from other fellow Rouges across the country and let us know what is going on at your event and what goodies you get, if any?! I would love to hear any of the following! 

  • Where is your store located?
  • What Reps visited your store? 
  • What kind of food was there? lol
  • Did you get any exclusive goodies besides the free makeup bag?
  • What was in your haul?! (What you went in for, but really left with?) Please post pics!! Smiley Happy


Please no Drama! Happy Shopping! 

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i never get an email or invite or even told when they are.Y husband picked my bag up after we found out they had an event. It was the bag down there at the bottom of the page with four foil samples. The only reason I got it was because I called customer service which was very kind in getting it straightened out. They had all my info correctly. I wasn't made know. Of the last one either. Just happened iN! It was just a black plastic sephora bag with five foil samples. Have gotten no surprise gifts. Nothing at all that would make someone want to spend 1000 and over and the anticipation of being treated great just seems to be a joke. Just a disappointment. Especially after seeing What came in the bag below. Just pitiful for the rest of us. 

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I dragged my husband and myself up to the one in Sacramento.  I know there was a Clarisonic rep and a couple of reps hanging out by the hair products, but the Clarisonic was super crowded and I don't typically buy hair products at Sephora.

We had coffee, water, and pastries, though I paid little attention after I got my water bottle.

I got the makeup bag and samples which included a little compact VIB Rouge mirror that said happy holidays inside, so I'm assuming they were leftovers from some old event, but I'm not complaining, it's cute and more than I expected.

I bought the Bite lip liner and primer, Too Faced Chocolate Bar, and the fragrance sampler with the little mini bottles. (Sorry I don't have a picture!)


Thoughts: I was nervous because I hate shopping at my store and would rather buy online. Normally I can only get the attention of one specific employee the whole time I'm there, and she was back and helpful as ever in the fragrance section.  Others were around and friendly this time.  Despite the fact that it was definitely crowded, I've never had a more positive experience at the counter.  The woman offered extra samples, talked with me in a friendly tone, and took her time with me while still being efficient.  All that said, I would have liked a chance to speak with more brand reps and ask about particular products, but I honestly wasn't feeling well so I decided not to deal with the crowd. Can't really fault them too much there.

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I stopped in the Lehigh Valley store and was greeted and checked in.


coffee, juice and water. They had flavored syrup for the coffee. YUM... I use it everyday in my coffee.
muffins, Danishes, croissants. I didn't pay much attention I was just interested in shopping.


Brand reps:


It was all hands on deck, seemed like every employee was there working.

There were stations set up for Clarisonic demos and hairstyling tool demos.



makeup bag

6 or 7 foils

Sephora VIB lips tote

Smashbox hydrating primer

Dior mascara

Dior eyelash primer/serum ( this made my day. the deluxe sample has been OOS and I wanted to try it so bad)



Smashbox primer

UD all nighter setting spray

Bottled Dreams perfume set


Ordered online:

Naked 3 palette 

Hello Kitty eyeliner set


The staff is always helpful and friendly.


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I went to the one in Sugarland, TX. It was meh. There were at least 3 MAs available at all times who seemed like there were legit MAs. There was plenty of staff, and they were nice. I didn't get too much because I went on a huge haul two weeks before for my birthday.


Brand reps:






-sephora make up bag and foil samples

-no extras



-Benefit Cha Cha Tint

-Urban Decay Electric palette

-Urban Decay Naked Palette (Gift)

-Lancome Rouge in Love Lip color  in Violette Coquette

-Benefit Hello Flawless Liquid Foundation in Amber (I'm returning it because I realize I just don't like foundation)

-NARS Pencil Sharpener


If I were to fill out a survey, I wouldn't grade them poorly. They did what Sephora said they would do, which wasn't much. I think that's more of the problem.


Could anyone let me know about their experiences in other stores in the Houston area? 

What about the DMV? I'm moving back to DC in August.Closest store is in Georgetown, but I would be interested in other locations.

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I was incredibly impressed with my store's event. The SAs were incredibly sweet and helpful and I bought far more than I intended to because of it. The highlight? Tweezerman mini tweezers were only SEVEN BUCKS. My mom and I bought every last one in stock. ^.^

In lieu of freebies, I got nine foil samples and two deluxe - a mini LM mascara (which I happen to LOVE) and a mini LM tinted moisturizer. 

PLUS - the store was all out the Tarte Mattenificant palette and my mom was dying to have it, so after doing a statewide search that was fruitless, they let her keep the tester, which was barely touched. Incredible customer service, IMO. 

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Wow, where is your store?  $7 mini Tweezermans?  I'm jealous, even though I don't need another tweezer! Smiley Tongue

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I was totally disappointed as I knew I would be considering the location I went too. I wish I could have gone to the Novato CA store, but because of church I couldn't so I had to go to Santa Rosa Plaza. They did have Starbuck coffee, muffins, rolls and bottled waters which was nice.


I don't know if they had any reps, I wasn't told of any nor did I see any. All I saw were a couple girls working at the make up station but I'm not sure if they worked for Sephora or were reps. I got my bag with 6 foils, which had nothing I will use in them, two foils were body lotion, how am I suppose to try body lotion on my body with a foil? As someone said in another post, you get better samples with online orders. There were no deluxe size samples or anything extra. Now I did noticed when I was paying for my purchase, they had a lot of store made samples and perfume samples up front, probably 4 or 5 different perfume brands. So the store was given lots of perfume samples But they weren't handing them out! Why, I thought this event was for rouge customers? They could of at least thrown in a few perfumes!


 This store is so bad about giving you samples, I only go there when I have too. So I didn't plan on buying much anyways and only spent about $50 dollars. I would rather order online then give this store my money. The SA are terrible with customer service and they are especially bad about giving you samples or about the size of the samples. Usually when I ask for a sample there is a reason. When I was looking to buy a new brand of foundation because I wanted a change. I went into the store and asked to try a few they only gave me 2, most people want to try liquid foundation before they buy it, right? But when I got home I couldn't believe it, there wasn't even enough product in it to put on one cheek. I said forget it, and went to Nordstrom where I got 4 different foundations to try. Money not spent at Sephora again!


I look at it if I'm a rouge customer I've obviously spent a lot money at Sephora, and I was rouge from the beginning in July. it shouldn't be so difficult to get a sample, but its only at this Sephora which will never change I've said things lots of times. So I just wont shop at this location, but I didn't have a choice on Sunday. The Novato location is great1. So like I said I was pretty disappointed, but I did expect it given the location.

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IMG_2780.jpegMy mini haul

I did not buy much 


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This picture should be on the webisite's home page! ADORABLE

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Thanks< i spent a lot hours on this pic.. your compliment made it worth


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100% agreed! Smiley Very Happy

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Went it Towson, MD. This was my first rouge event.Received exceptional service from store manager and SA Alex, but was otherwise underwhelmed.  I expected more from sephora.  Received standard sample foils.  Below is my larger than anticipated haul.




Re: Live Feed from VIB Rouge Event 03/30/14

Sephora Powell St Smiley Happy 


Overall I had a wonderful time! Powell St is the largest store on the Westcoast so I was able to get everything I needed and that's why I only really go here. The door closed event was nice since normally it is so CROWDED! 

But I feel like there was at some point for SA and brand reps than customers (rarely). My list mostly included skincare items so I spent most of my time there and met so many brand reps and also lots of samples! 

When I did make it the the makeup portion to the store I was swatching some UB eyeliners and was approached by the store manager who gave me her card and helped me find something brand I was looking for that I was blanking on. She even remembered my name when I was checking out 30 minutes after I met her. Good service! 



Vib Rouge mini waters, Coffee from Starbucks, pastries. Basic stuff 


Reps that I talked to:

Peter Thomas Roth


Dr Dennis Gross




Sephora eyeliner -03 pure white

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare 14 Day Challenge With Ferulic Acid + Retinol Brightening Solution

Bosia Konjac Cleansing Sponge

Murad Clarifying Wipes For Blemish-Prone Skin

Murad Lightening Fast Brightening Duo

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain- Rose vinyl 



Sephora Makeup bag

Ziploc sephora bag filled with :

  -L'Occitane Creme Precieuse Precious Cream

  -Algenist Multi-Perfecting Pore Corrector Gel Moisturizer

  -Wei Royal Ming firming and hydrating cream

  -Smashbox photo finish foundation primer

  -Ole Henriksen pure truth youth activating oil

  -Sephora super supreme body butter

Dr. Dennis Gross Clinical concentrate radiance booster 0.11floz

Murad Time Release Retinal Concentrate 0.01floz

Murad Age-Diffusing Firming Mask 0.33floz

Peter Thomas Roth Oilless Oil (clear disk container)

Peter Thomas Roth Therapeutic sulfur mask (clean disk container)

Peter Thoms Roth Camu Power Cx30 Sleeping Mask 0.41floz

Murad Acne Clearing Solution 3x0.045floz


Also got the new 500 point perk that includes:

a quilted style sephora bag

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer 0.16floz

Bite Cosmetic Lip crayon in Pomegranate (<3 biteSmiley Happy)

Josie Maran Argan Oil 0.16 floz

Rosabotanica 0.13floz


So I got a lot of things and a lot of samples everywhere. Now to find room for everything!  




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Also Drybar was there and the rep gave me some tips for their curling iron! 

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I went to Bloor Street, Toronto yesterday. There were reps from Bliss, Nars, Caudalie and possibly benefits and MUFE( because I didn't check that section). All pastries and coffee are from Starbucks, there were employees helping us to add sugar and milk to our coffee and they had all the pastries Starbucks normally sells. Inside the goodie bag, there were a few deluxe sized samples along with some foils.Some extra samples include a 10mL Caudalie face cream, 1 sheseido serum 9mL, Estee Lauder mini mascara.


Btw, I went back  to Sephora today to get a perfume. I wanted to get two bottles, but they only had one in stock. So I asked the cashier when they will be getting more, the cashier told the inventory manager " There's a VIB Rouge at checkout and asked about a product" So the inventory manager came to the checkout and explained to me that they don't have an estimate date because the perfumes are not shipped from the warehouse and keep apologizing to me, which makes me feel like I am appreciated for being a Rouge. Here is what I got for today:

Ole Henrikson red tea cleanser 45mL

Clinique superbalm in black honey 7mL

Estee Lauder mini mascara 

4 perfume samples 

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I went to a brand new store in Lynnfield, MA hoping that it wouldn't be too crowded, and it wasn't, seeing that it's only been there for a month and a half and it was raining and cold (perfect day to stay in bed). My last Rouge event was in NY and it was great (BaubleBar gift cards and bracelets, $10 off any purchase etc). From the invite I wasn't too excited about this one.


Got to the store at 9, checked in and she quickly told me where the snacks were and where I could go to get my makeup done. Went to the beauty counter to learn how to use a highlighting/contouring palette I had bought in the past but supposedly Sephora is no longer going to carry Korres so they didn't have it! Just got some other highlighting/contouring palette applied and I asked her to help apply liquid liner (she started with a pencil and did liquid after). I still can't apply any of those to myself and make it look good. They should definitely start with classes in MA.


Nothing special about this event. They had Starbucks coffee along with Starbucks pastries cut in half: croissants, pecan tarts, muffins etc. 


There were a few brand reps: Living Proof, Alterna, First Aid Beauty, Bliss...and I'm not sure about anything else. Besides talking to the reps there was nothing I cared to do there. 15% isn't that great, we got more during the holiday season. The reps were pretty stingy with the samples they were giving out. When I went to talk to the second hair rep she said she noticed me talking to the Living Social rep already and that I really liked their products (which I do. Living Proof was created in my backyard of Cambridge, MA and the rep informed me that they do testing where they'd style your hair AND pay you! Smiley Happy ). I liked talking to the LP rep as I'm big on stuff that actually works and smells good, and she was very friendly and gave me two deluxe samples (Perfect Hair Day and Prime Style Extender). I talked to the Bliss rep about me redeeming 5,000 points last year and having one of the spa parties and she gave me a body butter sample (already had plenty). The FAB rep just told me about one of their new products and gave me a foil sample.


Other than that I had asked the SA to give me a sample of Bite's lip scrub and one of FAB's new creams. My guest didn't get a bag either even though I know they had plenty. I had forgotten some gift cards that I had and so I didn't buy much. I walked away with a Prime Style Extender by Living Proof and a Clinique Pores No More Foundation.


I probably would not have gotten up early and gone there again if I had the option to. I could have ordered the same things online AND used ebates (I hope you girls use ebates) and gotten an extra 8% cash back and used my gift cards. I think Sephora needs to realize that they we usually have low expectations for these events (as what is described on the invite) but that they should definitely exceed them in store (which they have done a few times). This...unfortunately was not one of them. Looks like some other stores got a ton of extra freebies. Maybe because this one was so new that there was nothing to give Smiley Sad 

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I attended the event at the Montgomery Mall in Bethesda/Rockville, MD. I got there at about 10:00. There were lots of SA working and someone checked me in at the door. There weren't tons of customers in the store (which is on the small side for a free standing Sephora). What was nice is that everything was clean, tidy, put in the correct place, etc. - because this store often looks like a herd of teenagers just passed through and swiped and sampled and made a huge mess and then just swept right out the door.


I got a ticket when I got in for an express service - I chose brows. I wandered around while I waited for my turn. There was bottled water, Starbucks, and some pastries. (I didn't eat anything.) Quite a few friendly offers of help were made. I got a tiny purfume sample from someone walking around. There was a brand rep from uh... ok, I totally forget (one of the super expensive "doctor" lines of skin care). She smeared some stuff on my hand and I thought it was way to irritating to try on my face. She was nice - but there were no samples of her products available.


I met with the MA and she was really nice. There were only 2 or 3 MA working I think - but there weren't tons of customers. I waited maybe 30 minutes for my turn and that was ok because it gave me time to wander. The MA helped me mess w/ my brows some and then tried a few things on my skin (yellow primer) to help tone down the redness and dryness. She potted up a litte sample of primer for me.


I checked out and got the tiny make-up bag and the samples (6 foils). I would have liked there to be more samples available and a nicer goodie bag. I spent about $100 (which was only on 2 items). I saw people with baskets filled of many hundreds of dollars worth of prodcuts. The make-up bag is cute but too small to be useful (and I have so many tiny make-up bags) so it went right into the Goodwill pile. The six foils are... well, they are foils. They went into the pile of foils. No deluxe samples Smiley Sad 


It was ok - I had planned to go shopping at the mall anyhow, so I sort of wrapped it into my day. I would have been disappointed if I had traveled far or made special arrangements to attend.

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I was at Montgomery mall as well and everyone was super helpful but I left underwhelmed.

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That's right! I forgot to mention that the makeup bag was so tiny and stupid! I also have a million of them and it's basically useless, we are VIB Rouges! We obviously use a lot of products lol. And the foil samples were lame as well. Sephora has sent emails where even VIB's get 7 deluxe samples in a nice makeup would think they could at least match that. 

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Do you know if we're eligible for it, too? Technically don't rouges also qualify for all VIB promos?