Live Feed from VIB Rouge Event 03/30/14

Hi Ladies, 


I thought it may be good idea to hear from other fellow Rouges across the country and let us know what is going on at your event and what goodies you get, if any?! I would love to hear any of the following! 

  • Where is your store located?
  • What Reps visited your store? 
  • What kind of food was there? lol
  • Did you get any exclusive goodies besides the free makeup bag?
  • What was in your haul?! (What you went in for, but really left with?) Please post pics!! Smiley Happy


Please no Drama! Happy Shopping! 

Re: Live Feed from VIB Rouge Event 03/30/14

I was originally going to the event at Summit Mall, but changed to Southpark Mall instead.  Southpark had a NARS rep who was amazing.  They had an additional sample bar & I got a rouge mirror.  

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Ah, dang it!  I thought about going to that one because my hairstylist told me it's a lot bigger than the one at Summit, and it isn't all that farther away either but I can drive to Summit without using the highway so I go there just cause it's closer.  Would have been cool to meet a fellow BT'er as well! Smiley Happy  I think I will go to Southpark if and when they have another event!

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It is bigger than Summit which is the reason we decided to go there. Since Summit is so cramped on a normal day I wasn't sure how it would be for this event. Southpark's SA were great too and there were honestly only 25 or so people there.

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comments like that Irk me! I mean, seriously- your friend was nice enough to bring you; don't put down her passion! Luckily that didn't happen at my store. I encouraged my plus 1 to utilize the free tutorials and saw lots of other plus 1's doing the same. 


I like the Smashbox palette. Should be fun. I do use the shimmers wet. It is easier to use that way. Smiley Happy 

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i wish i had left my plus one at home!  she invited herself to come with me and then commented on the prices the whole time!  everything was seriously? people pay this much for stuff?  eventually i told her to grab a coffee, stuff her face and wait for me there so i could shop in peace!  


all i could think was shopping is my happy place! don't kill it lady!

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Ugghh So rude! That makes me want to punch her lol. In a good way of course haha. I went alone, if I am going to shop I do not need a second opinion on stuff like that or annoying comments.

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That's seriously awful!!!! Shopping is also my happy place! she could have quietly stood by the Sephora sections where sticker shock would be diminished. Hope you were you were able to enjoy some of it. 

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I went to Fashion Valley in San Diego. Mind you, this is the same Sephora that I have referred to in my posts as having lousy customer service because until recently, that's what it was: lousy. Several months ago, you could only get me in there if I needed something right away and my local Sephora-in-JCP didn't have it.  Since January, they have been turning their customer service around quite a bit. The last couple of times I went there, it was rather pleasant, even if I didn't quite look the part of a Rouge (i.e., coming in straight from work in my uniform).  So that was good...but I was still wary about the event today.


They did a pretty good job.


They had two lines: RSVPs and walk-ins. I was VERY pleased to see that all of the RSVPs were addressed and given their welcome bags before they even got to the walk-ins.  They gave us a welcome bag at the door: I don't know what was in the non-Rouge one, but the Rouge welcome bag had a card, a raffle ticket, two samples, and the Rouge Mirror that they offered not too long ago. Nice.


When they let us in at 9, all of the SA were there and cheered us as we walked in. Also nice. Not something I'd want every time I'd walk into a store, but I felt welcomed and appreciated.


Food: wrapped pastries, coffee, water. Decent enough.


There were lots of Rouges/guests there, but lots of SA as well. I was able to find a SA and get my main need taken care of in no time.


I'm not 100% sure what reps were there...I know for a fact that Bliss and Fresh had reps. There were also stations for Tarte, Laura Mercier, Cover FX, MUFE...but I don't know if they were reps or if they were just featuring those brands. They were liberal with the samples, and if they didn't have a sample I wanted, they made one up for me. There was a little scavenger hunt thing to complete that let me get more samples, some of them deluxe.


They really had a nice party atmosphere going. They had a selfie station where you could take a selfie (or rather, they took it for you), music, and raffles every half-hour. I didn't win any, but that isn't Sephora's fault.


I got the advertised gift bag with samples...yes, they were foils, but I kind of figured that.


I actually ended up getting more than I planned to.  I will be honest:  I walked in with the goal of getting some Sephora eyeliners and makeup remover, and anything else I was going to order from Ulta or direct. But I was impressed enough with how well done the event was that I decided to get my items there. No, I'm not telling you what I bought, but suffice it to say that I am happy.


However, one minor blemish that I must post about here. While waiting for one of the raffles to finish up, I overheard a customer asking a SA about something, and the SA used the words that we are all sick of hearing Sephora say: "Stay tuned."  


So because of that, I am posting my Stay Tuned Bars to remind Sephora that trite phrase really needs to go away, but I'll make it a small-sized image.










I'm still not entirely sold on re-upping Rouge for next year, but it's clear a lot of effort went into Fashion Valley's event AND into improving their customer service.  Double win. Hopefully this will be one of many improvements in the Rouge program. 

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I was also at the Fashoin Valley event.  I thought they did a good job I (for the first time) felt "special" for being Rouge. 

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I went to Sephora Quebec city event. I think I like my morning there but there was not much difference then other time I shop there exept for the breakfast ( pasteries from Starbuck and bottles of water)  and the 15%.I got some make up advises and the girl that help us was very nice (Laurence) and she made us a sample of a product that suites us. Absolutly no deluxe size sample for anyone. I got my VIBR bag filled with foil sample only and my friend got just a few foil sample (she was told they just have enough for VIBR witch I highly doubt because we saw tones of them behind the counter). I was expecting deluxe size sample of anything  but I never got that from that Sephora and we both spent a pretty decent amount (150+ and 200+). Overall, I'm satisfy with the excellent service I got from that SR but I was expecting sephora to spoil me and it was not really that.


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I'm actually really happy with my store's event (Fairview Mall, Pointe-Claire, Quebec). We were hit with a snowstorm this morning (ugh) so I figure we probably would have gotten more people, but it was still a nice-sized  crowd - maybe about 40? Enough for the store to feel busy, not so much that it was hard to shop. A good portion of the crowd seemed to be in pairs, so I assume there were a lot of plus-ones. 


Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 3.31.40 PM.png


The Store Director actually greeted me by name and took the time to chat with me about the event, which I thought was lovely.


They were doing makeovers at the stations, and reps seemed to be doing spot consultations as well. Everyone was friendly and everything looked well-organized.


There were a few brand reps (Caudalie, Hourglass, Clarins, Bliss, Make Up For Ever I think) and I believe they may have all had GWPs, though I only interacted with the Caudalie one so I can't be sure. They also had a sample bar set up next to the cash, where you could have your choice of 3 deluxe samples (some really nice ones, including minis Givenchy and MUFE lipsticks, Tarte primers, deluxe Tory Burch vials, etc). Plus the cosmetic bag and samples upon checkout.


Snacks included water, coffee (with the usual sugar and cream options) and three kinds of pastries (which were very good, though nothing fancy).



Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 3.31.21 PM.png


I split my list into things that were better off bought online to take advantage of the ebates, and those that had to be or were a better value purchased in-store. I had only planned for the Hourglass blush going in, but found more stuff. Smiley Tongue


I got:


Fresh Skin Superstars (not online)

Hourglass Dim Infusion (OOS)

Josie Maran Cleansing Oil (could have bought online, but I was out and didn't feel like waiting for shipping)

Formula X nail system (not available to Canucks online)

Caudalie Premier Cru eye cream (came with AWESOME GWPs that amounted to a 70$ value, and the cream itself was 85$ after discount, so definitely more worthwhile in-store)




Cosmetic pouch samples included...

- Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Limon Verde

- Fresh Back Tea Perfecting Mask

- Fresh Soy Cleanser

- Smashbox primer

- Clinique Super-primer

- Algenist Pore-Correcting Gel Moisturizer

- Sephora Body Butter


Caudalie pouch included...

- Beauty Elixer 30ml (1oz)

- Cleansing Water 30ml (1oz)

- Premier Cru La Creme 15ml (0.5oz)


Three deluxe samples...

- Givency Noir Couture mascara

- Balanciaga Paris 10. Avenue George V 7.5ml (0.25oz)

- Fresh Sugar Face Polish 20g (0.6oz)


Overall, I'm really happy with the way this turned out.


If I were to have one criticism, it's that the deluxe samples could have been augmented for bigger purchases. Someone spending 20$ was entitled to the same amount as someone spending 500$, and that's weird to me.





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Thanks for the awesome pics! I love your haul!

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Someone from my area!!! Smiley Surprised


Hi fellow West Islander!!! Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy

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Great haul!!


I definitely chose the wrong Montréal Sephora to go to!


My friend and I went to the Ste-Catherine (Les Ailes) location and spent about $3,600 between us (both re-qualified for Rouge). There we received 7 foil samples and only the Laura Mercier and Hourglass reps would talk to us. The rest just gestured and seemed really annoyed.


I guess we were arrogant and expecting a few deluxe samples (comparable to what we receive when we spend online), and something for re-qualifying for Rouge. When debriefing after, we were both really embarrassed to admit how ungrateful we felt. After so many fabulous events at Murale and La Baie where we spent significantly less and got to discover new products through deluxe samples and lessons on how to apply these new products from friendly brand reps, this Rouge was pretty lacklustre. Also, we couldn't help but comment on how how if we'd shopped online in multiple orders we would be teaming with deluxe samples, wouldn't have had to get up early, and would not have had to shop in a crowd while wearing our hot/ damp winter coats because of the snow storm.  

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I agree with you about the online vs in-store shopping. It's why I limited myself to things that I couldn't get online or otherwise had a better value. I almost didn't go (because 5 samples wasn't enough of a draw) except that I really wanted to get that OOS Hourglass blush.

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Oh, boo. I actually almost trekked down to the downtown store, figuring they would probably have more to offer, but the storm this morning really put me off.


I was speaking with a friend who went to the one in Rockland and apparently all they had was the sample bag as well. So weird that the events varied so much across one city. I wonder if it has anything to do with the demographics? Like maybe the Fairview location has a larger proportion of long-time Sephora fans who probably follow along with this forum or other ones and were more vocal about their expectations for a Rouge Event?

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I went to the Beachwood OH Sephora which was really nicely organized.  There were greeters at the door with a clipboard to check you off the list, and they handed me my bag and a basket, as well as my daughter.  They were very well staffed and super friendly, and the store was pretty crowded.  They had Dunkin Donuts coffee, water bottles, and a tray of pastries.  I saw Benefit, Algenist, and Philosophy reps, but I think there were more.  They had a nice sample bar too, I show most of the samples in the bottom of the pic below.  I drove well over an hour to check it out, but as a bonus I got to stop by Lush as well, so I included my mini Lush haul too.





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What's the pretty Kat Von D thing?

Re: Live Feed from VIB Rouge Event 03/30/14

It's the Kat Von D Starry Eyes palette.  It has 2 liquid lipsticks and 4 palettes in a palette and was on sale for $25.00!  Couldn't pass up a deal like that!Kat-Von-D-Holiday-2012-Starry-Eyes-Makeup-Palette.jpg

Re: Live Feed from VIB Rouge Event 03/30/14

Oh!!! Jealousy!  You are super lucky.  How beautiful.

Re: Live Feed from VIB Rouge Event 03/30/14

Nice! What UD color is that? That was the one thing I regretted; the UD section was the most packed so I didn't get to play with colors and I was looking at some pinks. 


Also please share how that lipstick turns out. The Pantone one. Smiley Happy 

thanks Linda!