Liquid foundation brush
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What brush should I use to put liquid foundation on? Flat brush or powder brush?

What effects do they give? I heard powder brush gives air brush look and full coverage.

But I also heard flat brush gives more coverage and looks like didn't put any make up on.


what should I useeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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I use a flat foundation brush by Sephora it just says "foundation brush" and i use it to apply my tinted moisturizer and it gives me the flawless airbrushed effect! I am in absolute love with this brush and it was first brought to my attention by the girls in Sephora who recommended the brush to me. I believe i paid $27 for it and it works amazing! If you want to see how i apply my tinted moisturizer using the brush and also see the effect you can go to my blog, I have a video on there specifically about this product. I hope this was helpful!



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