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Sometimes it aint easy splurging on beauty products when you have a "peeper" awaiting at the door when the UPS man arrives before you get home to hide your Sephora box somewhere safe in a dark place until the coast is clear Smiley Wink


*Life would be a little easier if Sephora didn't advertise it's name on their shipping boxes* lol


Anyway, I know some of us has had their man give the "Why are spending your money on beauty products speech" before and was wondering what the culprit to this was since our men have their own interests they spend money on which makes them happy and so do we. Hehe


My question is, what does your honey think about your makeup routine? Does he get annoyed if you spend too much time on your face every morning? Does he prefer an au natural look, a colorful unique look, a dark mysterious look, a sultry sex goddess look, etc. What I'm trying to say here is that many of us play up our looks and our partners don't even like it. For instance, I have a pretty natural makeup look, but like playing my red lips up. I love highly pigmented lipsticks and sometimes it can be very transferable which is a BIG no-no in the relationship world. Is there anything about makeup or the way you apply makeup that your man dislikes, but you absolutely love? 



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After 28 years of marriage, my husband appreciates what I do to keep myself "up" from hair colorings to pedicures.  He'll occasionally grumble, saying "You got ANOTHER package from Sephora today" in a sarcastic voice.  But I work and have my own "play" money and he knows that what I spend on myself is my business.  I pretty much wear a natural look that hasn't changed a lot over the years.  He'll remind me if we're going somewhere special to start getting ready early cause he knows I'll want to take some extra time to look good and he will not want to wait.  He also realizes I'm working hard to try to keep my skin youthful looking and reverse signs of aging.  Sometimes he'll remind me to wash my face if I'm dozing off to sleep and haven't done my nightly skincare routine.


I agree with mafan. I try to keep my brushes and makeup off the counter and bags of samples put away.  I periodically go through and purge samples, old makeup or colors I never wear just to keep order and space (or to make room for more).


I try not to think of my Beauty Insider points in terms of dollars.  It does blow my mind sometimes, but if I wasn't spending it at Sephora, I would be spending somewhere else.

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OMG! Could you imagine all of us living next to Sephora? We would never ever get a pay check because there would be no going to work because we would all be in there all the time.Smiley Tongue

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my husband doesn't seem to mind that i go to sephora everyday. he even knows to look for me there if i am not at home! luckily for me (or unluckily, however you want to look at it), we live across the street from sephora - i live in manhattan.


in terms of what he thinks of my nightly makeup routine (which consists of me trying out one look on half my face and trying out a completely different look on the other half of my face) - he doesn't seem to mind. he even gives his honest opinion when i ask. 


i have spent an extraordinary amount of money on cosmetics and skin care, but i justify it to myself by never buying jewelry or handbags. 

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OMG, that is like an alcoholic living next to a liquor store!  If I lived next door to a Sephora store, I might as well work there and get paid for playing with makeup all day!

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oh trust me - i have seriously considered this option.

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OMG, my husband seems to be considering changing his skincare routine.  Since his skincare routine consists of washing his face with bath soap and splashing water from the filled sink on it then drying his face, He doesn't have much of a routine.  He also seems to be fighting adult cystic acne (and he's bad about picking at it, too.)  The fragrance sampler I gave him has bonus Jack Black face cleanser and moisturizer, and he's used the cleanser 2 days in a row!  Just breaking the soap habit would be so good for him that I would splurge and buy him whatever he decides he likes!  And I know he would be happier to have that acne under control.


He is good about not complaining about my stuff.  I think he's just glad I put away things I wasn't actually using and left him more counter space.


He has commented on my having enough Vera Bradley bags to open a shop and a serious nail polish addiction.  I've been good about not buying more Vera Bradley stuff recently -- an outlet store nearby with awesome sales is dangerous -- and giving some as the gifts they were intended for.  I must put some of my polishes away, as I think the out of sight part will please him the most. 

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I feel your pain. My boyfriend doesn't even wash his face, he says his shower with bar soap is enough. I've tried giving him samples and explaining to him but he's not budging. He's one to save money like a debt collector's piggy bank. Just this year he has been teaching me the fundamentals on saving money etc. etc. which has been working out great even though I could be doing better without purchasing beauty/skin care, but it's what makes me happy and he knows that just gotta compensate the savings. 


So now I'm stuck with all these men skincare samples, grrrreat! Have any of you ladies actually tried men skincare for yourselves? Is there much difference? Hmm...


I've been eyeballing a Vera Bradley makeup pouch for awhile, but not sure if it would hold up to durability. The quilted fabric has some pretty patterns, and I'm not even a fan of quilts.

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I think my first Vera Bradley purchase was a makeup bag.  (Well, if not then it was the second).  I know it's at least 10 years old because they retired the pattern 10 years ago (and I probably got it in a retirement sale).  I travelled with it a lot; I finally had to replace it last year as the lining inside tore.  But it lasted a good long time and it now holds things that don't fit on my counter but I want to use soon.  (Yes, I know, I should store things elsewhere, but if they aren't handy, they don't get used, so what's the point of having them.)  Now I travel with two, a small one for makeup (except a palette doesn't fit in it) and a large one for everything else.  My husband can't complain on the space it takes up because 1, he never packs, and 2, he uses a Chelsea Football Club bag designed to hold soccer cleats as his travel bag.  I've been known to put my curling iron in there! lol


Anyway, I find things durable.  My big problem is that I wear through the straps on shoulder bags.  My eyeglass case is starting to look a bit worn, but it's been knocking about in my purse for almost 10 years, so I'll give it a break!

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It drives my boyfriend insane when I TALK about what I have bought, but it doesn't bother him at all that I buy a few things here and there. I think he knows I try to be responsible about it (most of the time) hehehe and I do bring home a paycheck so I can't imagine he would have any issue with my love of beauty products as long as the bills are always paid lol. He has rolled his eyes a few times at how much lipgloss I have... but he likes how they look on me at least. He did get irritated about the amount of empty shipping boxes I had accumulated at one point... definitely can't blame him for that though Smiley Happy There have been a couple of weeks (when I first saw that thread with those awesome old working promo codes) that I was grateful that he wasn't home to see a couple of my deliveries because I felt guilty... but all in all he knows about everything I buy. Even though he hates talking about skincare or makeup, he actually does notice how much nicer my skin has been looking and he hasn't disliked any of the new makeup looks I have attempted... in fact he said it's all nice (that's a huge compliment coming from him) and he has on occasion told me one product might look better than the last one for advice. I'd say he's more a fan of the natural look... and I think I consider my everyday look pretty neutral most of the time anyway Smiley Happy  Really the only thing that makes him angry is my attempts at trying to convince HIM into a skincare routine LOL Smiley Wink

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This cracks me up! My husband just mentioned tonight the amount of Sephora packages that I've been receiving since I got Flash Shipping. I have to admit, it is a little ridiculous. I have horrible chemobrain and I order something for an event, and then 45 minutes later, I notice that I have something else scheduled that will need another new addition. And, the stuff on clearance that I'm dying to get my hands on... If it's there, I'm ordering it. It's not a time to be concerned about getting to $25 or $35 for a promo code. If I don't check out the moment I see it, it's gone! 

I might mention that my husband drag races as a hobby. MOST EXPENSIVE HOBBY EVER! But, we don't have debt, and I make my own money, so he doesn't complain if it's not getting in his way. Furniture purchases, different story. I love antiques, he love that uninhabited, necessities only look. Our home was built 100 years ago. No way I was letting his Clik-Clak futon in our house as our living room sofa. Likewise, if I buy something new and don't get rid of something else, he gets a little cranky. It's a give and take.

Lastly, on to the first topic mentioned. My husband, and boyfriends before I met my husband, all understood that I NEED mascara and lipgloss to feel pretty. Other than that, I could do without in an emergency. I do find that I need an eyebrow filler these days, and most of the time, I prefer to wear eyeliner. So, that's all manageable. As far as hair goes, there's not all that many things you can do to style a wig, so we really save some time in that department. But, when I'm actively receiving treatments, I have to glue on individual eyelashes. It is very time consuming, but saves me from getting that "Oh, bless her heart, she's so sick but such a fighter" look. In between rounds of chemo, my skin gets so oily that it's ridiculous and almost embarrassing at times. But, I'm making progress in that department and WILL find my "Holy Grail" skincare soon. I have to, right? 


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You can actually do a lot with wigs,even synthetic ones. I have never worked with a human hair wig but they are made to function like real hair.

Synthetic wigs are fairly easy to style, it depends on the fiber though, you can curl, straighten, spike and do pony tails without having lace front wigs. Katie Bair is an amazing wig stylist and basic wig styling tutorials are everywhere there are also tutorials to make your own wigs and do custom fiber blends. Also you don't need expensive hair styling products on synthetic wigs, the best hairspray I have found is made by Got2be and  I have had wigs thrown down flights of stairs(in the name of science) stay close to the same. 



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I love throwing on a wig to give me the instant hair color/length to complete a look sometimes, it takes a bit of practice and a few different techniques to style them, but it can give great results. I hope you won't need to become a wig styling master though, best of luck with your treatments! 

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You should check out the "Pink Sith" blog!  While she's not going through chemo, she has blogged frequently about her very oily skin - and because it's a beauty blog, she's tried pretty much every product on the market to tame it.  She recently wrote a review for a powder that she said truly did mattify her skin, unlike the other billion products that CLAIM to conquer the oiliest of oilies but fall flat in real life.


Also I'm really impressed that you can glue on individual lashes.  Try as I might, I've never been able to handle falsies - they're always crooked or falling off or getting in my eye or something.  I spent so long desperately trying to figure out the "trick" to them and finally just gave up.  And that was with the full or half strips!

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Awwwww...you're so lovely... please know that we're all cheering for you... hope you are all better soon... best wishes to you Smiley Happy

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Most of us are fortunate to not have such a challenge, but I think we're all still looking for that "Holy Grail" when it comes to skincare. We finally get it right and then the seasons change or something gets discontinued/reformulated. It never seems to end.


My heart goes out to you but I congratulate you for putting your best self out there. I truly believe that doing whatever you can to look nice makes a positive difference in how you feel emotionally and I believe that it translates into positive things all around.


My warmest wishes and positive thoughts to you at such a challenging time.

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I was actually also wondering what y'all think about makeup styles that guys prefer... Anyone have any tips to share on how to do makeup in a way that looks nice to guys?

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It really varies on the guy. My boyfriend hates black smokey eyes but loves purple & browns. My best friend's husband only likes black smokey eyes & can't stand winged eyeliner (something my boyfriend likes). 

Most of the guys I know appreciate a contoured face (they don't always notice it, but do complement the girls who did it), while a few think it looks silly & is unnecessary. 

My ex preferred thin, high arch brows that just didn't look right on my face. My boyfriend loves that I keep mine full and just pluck the ones that are out of place. 

When I take the time to do a full natural look, he always makes fun of me for spending so much time in front of the mirror just to look natural. BUT... the he loves the end result. 

Some guys think lipstick is sexy, others think it's a pain.... 

So there really is no right or wrong answer to your question. 

My boyfriend knows what looks good on me & what doesn't, so before we leave the house I always ask him how I look. If he doesn't like something, I'll try to fix it. Not because I want to please him, but I trust his opinion. Yes, I do my makeup for my self, but I still want him to appreciate it. He's the one who will be looking at me all night... 

I think @DoctorsMrs is also making a very general statement that guys don't like this & that. Saying you'll be ready in 30 when it's actually an hour is a typical girl thing. The longer you're with a guy, the better understanding of you're timing they'll have.

Some guys are OK with reapplying & touchups in the car. If we're going to an event I want to look my best on his arm, if that means touching up my lipgloss or powder, then that's fine. Fixing your face at a dinner table is a big no-no though. Lipgloss without a mirror is fine, but if you need a mirror, take it the bathroom! It's kind of like boys & their cars; after they wash it & wax it, they are constantly re-buffing & admiring. 

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I don't think there's really a Universal answer for that. I think that a guy is usually happy with whatever look you "own". As long as you wear it with confidence and make it "yours" it will work. The one thing guys do not want, is to be "involved" in your makeup. They don't like waiting for you if you were supposed to be ready 30 minutes ago. They don't like you fretting about whether or not your mascara is running. They don't like you whipping out your 8 inch long blush brush in the car. And they don't like hearing that you can't do this or that activity because something might smear. In other words, put on whatever look you like, but then don't mention it....or fix it....or worry about it.....or act like it's making you suffer.


I think I was just really UN-helpful. Sorry about that. Guess I was trying to say- do your thing but don't act like it's a big deal. (and by all means do not get anything indelible on his favorite sports jersey)

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Oh gosh this makes me think of my worst makeup nightmare that happened last year Smiley Sad


I was working booth management at a trade show last year and a lil ole British man to whom is one of our clients came up to me and gave me a hug, well being a short gal as is...my face rubbed against his fancy suit and well...it left a foundation mark. OMG I was so embarrassed after I noticed it. He didn't notice it, but I'm really feeling crappy for not apologizing because he is just too darn cute. Yeah, transferable makeup sucks!

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@DoctorMrs, you were not unhelpful at all!!!! you brought up a great point that if your going to be all annoying about your makeup, its not going to be attractive, just a pain in the **bleep**

Thanks - That's definitely a tip I will keep in mind!

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