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Hi! Goodmorning girls, i have a question, i'm looking for a really good lengthening mascara, i've been using babydoll from YSL and i love it, but it runs out of product quickly and its quite pricey,  i went back to sephora yesterday and tried the Buxom mascara, but i didnt really see the results that i wanted, 


so basically i'm looking for a really good lengthing/defining mascara


any suggestions? :smileyhappy:


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Benefit They're Real Mascara.


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This Blinc mascara uses "tube technology" and works all lash angles, including lengthening. Take a look at reviews and Q&A to see if this might be what you're looking for!




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Too Faced Better Than False Lashes, I was skeptical at first but OMG!


Re: Lengthening Mascara


Hi Annonymous1, I too recommend the Lancôme L'Extreme mascara.  It is great for lengthening!  :smileyhappy: -Laura


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Clinique's lengthening mascara worked for me. This stuff separates lashes so well! The only thing I'd caution toward is that it's not as water resistance as other mascaras I've tried, but it definitely lengthened and defined!



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I second Clinique's lengthening mascara! It's an awesome choice for super long lashes! It's not as water resistant like jinxski mentioned, but I didn't have a problem with smudging or flaking!


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Lancôme makes the L'Extreme mascara and it's great for lengthening. Hope this helps!


Re: Lengthening Mascara

I really recommend Le Volume de Chanel or Lancome Hypnose Star :smileyhappy:. For more affordable options, I'd say Covergirl Lash Blast 24 Hours or Maybelline One By One.


Re: Lengthening Mascara

I love Le Volume de Chanel as well. It's amazing.  It lasts for a while as well!

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