Legally Bronze - Should I Wait?
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Hey! So I have a small dilemma. I saved up money for the Benefit Legally Bronze kit and when I was finally done saving I noticed it was out of stock. It did come back in after a week, but as it was a limited edition item (last sumer???) I'm very scared that one time it will go out of stock and just not come back. I want to purchase it, but I think I need to wait. There are a few reasons. I don't have enough money to buy something else and get free shipping. I'm a teen, so I rely on my mom for a lot of makeup related things. I know she's running low on her foundation (which is Bobbi Brown and NOT sold at Sephora!!!) and will need a new one soon. She's not a makeup junkie like me though, so that's really it I think. Another issue (for me at least) is my orders always seem to go in at the wrong time. I ordered the UD Anniversary palette I saved up for 5 days before they announced the hatbox and double points weekend. My mom had to order a foundation primer and UDPP and my moisturizer when they had the MUFE kit, but I couldn't get it because I had to use my 10% off VIB welcome. I'm scared that I'll order it and then 3 days later an awesome perk will pop up. Right now, I'm pretty happy with the 3 samples that I chose and the Smashbox Halo powder you get to pick 2 colors of to try, but still. I'm also worried that if I try to wait for a perk, the kit will go out of stock for good. And then I won't be able to get it - which would be very upsetting seeing that it' such an awesome deal and I want all of the products! HELP? What should I do? 

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I'm with you there! I don't buy online because i am in Canada and you have to spend $120(!!!) to get free shipping so I will go to a store even though the closest is an hour away. For awhile literally everytime after I went to the store I would get an email the next day telling me about a free sample, or some special promotion that I had just missed out on. Definitely frustrating when I have to travel quite a bit to get there. As much as I love Sephora and their promos, sometimes it is frustrating. I would print off the emails with the free samples and bring them all next time I went and usually they're good about having them in stock. I would say if it's a product that you like just go for it! 

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