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LORAC vs. Clinique...any thoughts? Thanks!
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LORAC claims to have "fragrance free" products but I have been a lifetime Clinique customer. Lately, Clinique is discontinuing some of my all time favorites, so I wanted to see if anyone out there has any thoughts?

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Out of those two brands, LORAC would win the majority of favorable products.  However, most of Clinique's lip products are great and preferred.  No need to be exclusive to one brand either.  There are good and bad from both brands.


Foundation- LORAC.  Personal bias against Clinique because it was not favorable to complexion and skin.  It might be overkill if already on Rx skin treatments.  Difficulty to match fairer skin (unless orange coloring works) and caused little hard/painful red bumps under the skin (skincare also did this). 


Eye shadows - LORAC.  Without primer, Cliniques eye shadows have very little pigmentation and are scratchy.  LORAC's are smooth and have better pigmentation. 


Skincare:  Find what works for your skin type.  If Clinique works, stick with it.  Second thoughts or disastified, try/sample something else. 


As for fragrance free, it depends on personal tolerance (strangely enough).  Never know until trying/sampling first.  For more information behind LORAC, check out their official site (About LORAC) for more information. 


Overall, LORAC is a great brand worth checking out. 

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So I've dabbled into Clinique and Lorac products and most definitely prefer Lorac's products.  I've played with plenty of Clinique products over the years due to their "simple" products--ie, fragrance-free, blah blah blah.  I have sensitive, oily, acne-prone skin and a lot of things break me out.  While Clinique doesn't t make me break out, almost ALL of their products make my skin super duper dry, which is the exact opposite of my usual skin (my mom who has flawless, beautiful skin said she stopped using Clinique years and years ago for similar reasons).  That being said, I tested out Lorac and fell absolutely in love with their products.  I've only really played around with the foundations and powders, threrefore I can't comment on their other products like eyeshadows, lip products, and mascaras.  But so far, I've been extremely pleased with their facial products and they don't seem to irritate my skin like clinique did.  The packaging is great, price is somewhat reasonable, and the quality of the product is extremely high!  Don't know about others out there...but I've had so much more luck with Lorac over any clinique product.


Hope this helps and best of luck!

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