LEAST Favorite youtube gurus

Hi ladies,

I know this is going to be a negative post but we definitely have to put information about these gurus out there because people actually will be wasting their money on crap products! People actually trust youtube gurus , but they don't know that they might be getting sponsored to advertise that specific brand or multiple ones!

(You're free to put your personal opinion about these people and what you feel about them)

In not specific order...

• Carli Bybel - seems very nice, but I can't get over how much she advertises HER products or another brand

•Michelle Phan- super talented and creative but seriously?! She only uses 90% of her own product in her videos and she just seems fake

•Jaclyn Hill - She actually has great tutorials but I've tried Whitening and Lightning & Sigma and they suck honestly compared to other products that I have

• Bethany Mota - terrible and fake. She tries to be cute and her makeup skills aren't very good so whatever. She only promotes herself and it drives me crazy. 

So many others but I'm going to leave you guys to talk about them! I got most of the main ones x

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Hi everyone!


I am closing this thread. Let's try and be nice to each other and keep things positive in our community. Thanks! 

<3, Randee

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"... but all of ya'll are trash talking..." 


All of us, huh?

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No one cares about your "perspective as a guy" when you're being condescending, sexist, hateful, and disgusting.

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Wow, that is a pretty offensive generalization about women you just made. 

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It's really offensive, and disrespectful.  

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It's absolutely repulsive.  I am so offended.  


If you really want to succeed in the industry, don't be a sexist.  Women are going to be your source of income, so being condescending and horrid really isn't going to get you a single job.

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"Coming from a perspective from a guy, we all see how girls trash talk on other girls for no real factual reason without even getting to know them. It's laughable."


WOW.  This is so massively inappropriate and completely sexist.  How dare you, seriously?  This is truly disgusting to see, particularly on BeautyTalk.

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I'm not crazy about Wayne. I'm subscribed and watch all his videos but I've yet to actually use one of his tips in my real life beauty routine. Sometimes I feel like he's just throwing whatever madcap idea he can come up with at the wall to see what sticks. Remember when he wanted us to line our eyelash curlers with liner to do our tightlining? I think approximately zero people were able to replicate that. But on the other hand I find him charming and his videos are short and fairly entertaining so l'll probably continue to watch for the forseeable future. 

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I loved Wayne goss But... you're right. He does seem like he's running out of ideas, andy! And it does bother me how he rants about a company the entire video and then never discloses who the company is! What's the point if we don't know who is doing it?  And he is so bias toward drugstore makeup products. I never see him actually using them. I've heard him mention sleek once and maybe elf once, but that's it!

Jaclyn is great, but sometimes I think she looks odd with her contour and highlighting too. She's always preaching to blend but I think she needs a good look in the mirror. Her cheeks are brown and her undereye area pasty white... it just doesn't look well. I wouldn't mind it as much if she did it for a "night look" or something but she constantly has her signature 2 distinct face shades- brown and white stripes

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Sometimes you follow a person because you like their style, so you keep watching their videos with excitement, because you just can't get enough. But then, you realize,  hey.. this is kind of same ol' situation. You keep watching thinking, maybe they'll come up with better ideas next time, sometimes yes and sometimes no. Unfortunately during this time you start nitpicking at things, this is human nature, no matter what you'll always find something to say about something. 

Now, the people I mentioned, I am no longer subscribed to them, I won't bother if I find out or read or see something I don't like. As to what other people do, well that is out of everyone's power. 

Of course, if I'm subscribed to someone and I hear bad things about them, if it's something I haven't myself tried from that person I won't care and still keep watching the person I'm subscribed to. But where it comes to concern is if I actually follow some beauty tip that can be potentially harmful to my skin and then I read that hey, this is pretty bad? Then I'm glad someone spoke up instead of staying quiet. 

We all have opinions and it's okay to state them, we can do whatever we choose after we read them, to believe or not.. 

But to say the way you said things is kind of contradicting in itself, just like everyone said something, you also said something about us as well, by stating that it's laughable and throwing in the word jealousy in there. I don't think any one is jealous, to tell you the truth, but that's just me. 

No hard feelings, just stating this in a neutral stance. 

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[ Edited ]

It wouldn't be laughable if they didn't start talking smack for no reason though! HA! That's the thing.


Opinions are one thing, HATEFUL opinions are totally different.

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You have a point there Smiley Wink

Being plain hateful makes no sense. 

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Wayne Goss - I thought he was great at first, but back when YouTube let you see the tags an uploader would put, he also put stuff like: bubzbeauty, michelle phan, macbarbie07, how to get bigger b--bs, nigahiga, pixiwoo, Selena Gomez, etc. Those tags weren't even relevant to the video. And when he had that one video ranting about how he didn't like this company's practices, it was stupid and pointless for him to go on and on and on and not reveal the name of the company. It was quite pretentious. Also, why doesn't he have a portfolio? And I mean a portfolio he made himself. If he's a legit MUA, he should have a portfolio to show the looks he has done. I find a lot of his videos repetitive, and too short. I also hate the stupid all caps titles with a bajillion exclamation points. So unprofessional. I also get creeped out by his sexual innuendos and his wink lol


Rachel Whitehurst - i don't care for the swearing, and no it doesn't make her "cool" imo. 


I honestly don't watch too many beauty people on YouTube. Most of them are just putting makeup on themselves.

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Here's a somewhat relevent read...


Wayne’s Portfolio
People from around the world search for Wayne's portfolio and they normally find nothing! Nothing!! How is this possible? One of the most well known makeup artists has no portfolio of his own work? We asked Wayne Goss this question.

Fan Page:

Thousands of your fans search google for your works/portfolio each month. Is there any reason why we can't find any of your make-up work online (brides' photos, etc.)?

Wayne Goss:

I'm not a editorial makeup artist. I have never had a portfolio only the one I carry to appointments (which is a private one containing photos from bridal, one-on-one, etc.). I hated all the nonsense that went with editorial and it just horrified me that everything was airbrushed so I started my makeup job by going door-to-door with business cards to bridal shops.

Then I did and still do, one-on-one makeup training (which is filmed and they get a copy of it so they can recreate the look easily). At the time (before YouTube) there wasn't much of this going on. So business was good. I never advertised. Just word of mouth. Smiley Happy


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To be fair, I don't really think Rachel swears to be cool, I think that's just HER. And that's really the only reason I still watch her, I like that she isn't trying to be fake and overly sweet like everyone else.

But I agree about Wayne, he was super helpful at first, but everything has gotten super repetitive. Bubzbeauty is the only person I really watch now (mostly because of her vlogs)

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I remember watching one of her videos where she said she doesn't swear that much in real life, but she swears in her videos because it's like her persona. I love her because she's different from all other beauty gurus, and she's always 100% honest! 

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I have to agree with you about Wayne. He claims he's a professional makeup artist, but I don't see his portfolio anywhere. 

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I agree completely with most of what you said about Wayne. Smiley Sad

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Good god, I actually dislike tarababyz soooooo much. Like, seriously.



There is just something about her person that rubs me the wrong way, I just don't understand. That and all of her "makeup looks" if you can call them that, are always the same and how she puts like a inch thick line of eyeliner all the time troubles me. 


Ah, so distressing. I also don't like Elle and Blair, and makeupbytiffany is just a borefest. 




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I agree with you on tarababyz. I actually think she is probably a super lovely person in real life, but something about her personality on camera does not work for me. I also wish she would try out a variety of looks on herself, but I suppose she wants to keep to her signature style...

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