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LAURA MERCIER silk creme match

i've been browsing around and recently heard that the LAURA MERCIER silk creme foundation is really nice recently i've been going in circles as to what is going to be my next foundation to try i love full covereage foundation stuck between 2 brandsSmiley Sad BUT with this one i'm thinking i am between a Beige Ivory and Warm Ivory... the best example of my color is NC25 thats my match.



thanks again <3

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Hi.  You're correct in that you would either be Medium Ivory or Beige Ivory based on your being a MAC NC25.  Both of those shades have the same undertones so the only difference is in how dark your skin tone is.  If you are pretty fair, then I would choose the Beige Ivory.  However, if you think you have a more light to medium skin tone then I would choose the Medium Ivory.  Either shade should match your warm beige undertones so you don't have that to worry about.  When I'm in doubt about a foundation's depth of color, I always choose the lighter of the two as a starting point.  If you order the Beige Ivory and it's too light, you can easily return it via Sephora's postage-paid return system and swap it for the Medium Ivory.

I hope what I said makes sense and helps you!
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