Korres pronunciation?

Hi everyone! Can anyone tell me how to pronounce Korres? Is it "kor-ez" or just "kors"? I've heard it said so many ways! Some Youtube gurus say "kors" but the lady that rang me up at Sephora said "kor-ez". I'm so confused!! Does it depend on where you're from?

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On HSN the Korres people pronounce it KOR-EZ. But I'm sure the Sephora staff will know what you are talking about no matter how you pronounce it. 


I'd always thought it was Kore-ez, but I've heard both. I'd pronounce it the way the Korres people on HSN pronounced it lol.


Dear beautygeek97,


Haha. I would have never even thought of pronouncing it "kor-ez". I always pronounce it "kors".





Hi ladies.  Korres is pronounced Kor-ez. Smiley Happy

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