Kat Von D Lock-it Foundation

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Hey beauties!

Not that the whole introductory hype for the lock it foundation is over and its been around for a while, I was wondering how y'all feel about it - is it as good as you though it would be? do you still like it as much as you did when it was released?

I was on a foundation no-buy for a while, but now I am looking into it, so all advice, thoughts and enabling regarding this product are welcome!


***specifically about the liquid

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I liked it for the first couple of weeks, because my face seemed so flawless (and it should be, because it's heavy-duty-full-coverage-covers-anything foundation!) But it made my face look so cakey and I discovered lines and wrinkles I never knew existed. It's never a good sign when my mom what foundation did you just switch to? (in a not so good tone, I should add! haha)


It's great for people who needs a full-coverage foundations. And this stuff does not transfer -- tested at the gym too, btw! Also, I find I had to apply in sections because it also dries really quickly making it difficult to blend. I couldn't use my Hourglass primer underneath it, because the foundation would cling to it. Instead, whenever I wore the KVD, I'd make sure to wear the Tarte brightening primer underneath Smiley Happy

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OMG - I think I know that mom tone..and there's a look that goes with it right?

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Hahaha it's like implying "Your makeup looks terrible!"

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Do you mean the liquid or the powder or both? I don't have either, so I can't help but it's probably good that everyone is talking about the same thing Smiley Wink

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