Is anyone going to get the Urban Decay Vice palette?

Is anyone going to get the new Urban Decay Vice palette when it comes out in about 2 weeks???  I wasn't able to get my hands on the 15 Year Anniversary palette and it's not very likely that it is going to come back in stock. I heard this was supposed to be or replace BOS V. I also heard that not many people know about this palette either. It has more shadows than any other UD palette I've seen. The maximum amount of shadows I have seen in a UD palette is 16. This palette has 20 eyeshadows.  I saw pictures of it and I really want to get it. Do you ladies think it is worthwhile to have even though I have 4 UD palettes (Naked, Naked 2, BOS IV, and Smoked)? Does anyone know the price of it? Thanks so much!

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found a picture of the back packaging (supposedly) from makeupandbeautyblog.  I've also heard that the Vice palette will be a LE.



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I'm looking into getting it. I like the mix of colors in this palette (thanks for posting that pic mrsl81!) but I'd like to know the price before I set my heart on it.
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