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Hey everyone! :smileyhappy:


After years of struggling with bad skin, I have finally decided to take on a healthier lifestyle - not just to improve my inner well being, but also my outer (skin, hair, etc.). With that being said, I'm hoping to hear some of your success stories: did drinking more water help improve your skin, did your foundation start working and applying better after making healthy changes, etc.


Looking for a little inspiration! I hope to hear from you guys and get your input! :smileyhappy:


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Hi Ginamc,


That's great! Starting is the biggest step:smileyhappy: You can slowly make some changes and you will notice a big difference in your skin. I try to cut out a lot of sugar in my diet and I use Stevia instead. I also do not eat much dairy and I try to skip out on a ton of carbs. I used to drink 2 cups of coffee a day but, now I swap out my afternoon coffee for a tea:smileyhappy: I've had a lot less breakouts and my skin feels more plump and hydrated. I also try to drink lots of water daily! I bought one of those water filters that attaches to my water faucet, it motivates me more to drink it.

<3 Melissa

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For me, my skin improved a great deal after staring a diet of fish and vegetables. The omega3s in fish are sooooooo good for your skin hair and nails. Sadly I don't think they work the same if you take them in capsule form. 


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For me, my skin started changing when I started to really clean my face to remove all the makeup and dirt.  I've always washed my face before bed; however, my old cleanser wasn't doing a very good job.  I started using makeup removing wipes to remove makeup first, then I use clarisonic with PTR Anti-Aging cleanser.  This combination removes all makeup and dirt and gently exfoliate my face to prepare it for my nightly skin care routine.


2 months after I changed my cleansing routine, I noticed that I broke out less, my skin is much clearer and smoother.  I also swear by Ole Henriksen Truth Serum and the Invigorating night gel - which make my skin so much brighter and more radiant.  





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I can give you a perfect example....


Today, I worked for multiple hours and ran around and didn't drink very much water (like 2 glasses during the day).


My lips feel like they've been in the desert, my skin hurts because it's so dry...


I'm currently chugging water to feel better.  It's incredible how much better I feel with water vs without.


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Cut out milk products! Believe it or not, once I cut dairy out of my diet, my skin improved. It's (still) not perfect, but now it's a little better. Having a routine really REALLY REALLYYY helps! Use natural masks (like oatmeal, honey, etc) at least once a week. I also moisturize like CRAZY, morning and night. Use SPF no matter WHAT. (You'll thank yourself later, I promise.) 


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I cut out dairy too and I think it has helped improve my skin as well :smileyhappy:


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I've made reference to this, but I've made serious changes lately.  After getting a lecture about my dry skin, I started making sure that I got my 8+ glasses of water a day.


My skin still has its issues that just water alone won't fix, but it's much healthier. I need less product overall, and not only that- I feel better.


Don't try to make huge changes overnight- I was just commenting to my mother the other day that I started eating healthy at some point, but I'm not sure when that was.  My usual meals are salads and water, whereas a few months ago my diet was terrible.  Baby steps and you'll not even notice that you've made a huge change!


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I can't link since I'm on the iPad app, but you should check out jennypenny1995's 5 tips that make my beauty life easier.. But I'll repeat what I said there..


Personally, I swear by fish oil supplements and vitamin B12. They've made such a difference in my hair, skin, and nails.. It's absolutely incredible! These were a fairly recent discovery and they made a world of difference. I recommend vitamins and supplements to everyone all the time, because they're not just good for your insides, but your outsides too.


The things I do now for my skin now at 26 seem so obvious and I wish I could go back in time to tell my high school self how important the little things are.. Wash your face before bed, drink lots of water, change your pillowcases frequently, always use SPF, don't pick.. Such little things, but following those rules have had such a tremendous payoff. Because of how good my skin is now, I can enjoy makeup more. I'm not hiding under it, but using it as a fun tool to accentuate what I've got.


I would also like to take this moment to thank "White Lightning" .. I worked in a tanning salon when I was in high school. As a perk, all employees were permitted to tan for free.. Something I never took advantage of. My coworkers called me "White Lightning" because I was so stark white in comparison to them. To this day, I don't worry about having the perfect golden tan. I let myself tan naturally in the summertime under a nice layer of SPF 30-50. I don't use self tanner and I use a very light bronzer on my face, very sparingly. I've got this bronzing lotion as well that I spread on my arms, legs, and chest for a little bit of golden shimmer on special occasions, but it's not the kind that changes your skin three or so shades after so much use. My parents also have a tanning bed and my mom uses it for a base tan come spring, but even she doesn't overdo it even though it's always readily available. Despite this, she has pretty nice skin for her age. Both my parents look much younger than they are and I can only hope to be as lucky, but hopefully with my level of attention I pay to my skin I'll have no problem!!!


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I used to be a sun worshipper never drinking enough water and also not exercising as much as I should and all I got from there was looking like a piece of shoe leather and actually pretty much looking older than I was. After going to an appointment for a micro derm appointment and actually seeing what my skin looked like under light to show how much damage I had I was horrified. From that day forward I wouldn't an still won't get near a tanning bed. I have excellent skin,and my hair and my body is in better shape that it has been in my life but now I run, drink water like crazy and have the skin of a 30-35 year old and I'm 42 and hair that's never been been so shiny. Taking care of the inside certainly shows on the outside. I hardly ever eat so when I do eat I still eat junk but I also run to even every thing out. I'm around younger women and girls all the time and it doesn't bother me a bit and it feels pretty great when they ask what I use or do to look so good! Hang in there Sista you can do it and will feel great. 


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if you have an iphone or you could just use your computer daily you can go on there is a free version where you can work on tracking your daily food & exercise intake and just either maintaining losing or gaining weight whatever your preference like i said there's a free version and the paid verison includes exercise and logging challenges as well as some challengers for the free version. it's a really cool's no skin off the back just to check it out. the paid version you can also track how much water your waistline carb or sodium intake etc. I love it :smileyhappy: I am currently doing the walk to mordor challenge based off lord of the rings because i am a dork like that it's a long challenge of doing an equivillant of 10,000 steps daily for a certian amount of time split up into legs. I am currently on leg one! it's really fun and motiviating. :smileyhappy:


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I went on Atkins to lose weight after my 4th baby and my skin was practically flawless during this time.  I didn't think much of it - just rejoiced that my skin was finally clear.  When I lost the weight I'd wanted to lose I went back to eating carbs and starting breaking out again almost immediately.  After putting two and two together and doing a bit of research, I learned that foods with a high glycemic index (white bread, sugar, etc.) cause a spike in blood sugar which (among other things) can cause acne.

Now I follow a low-glycemic diet and my skin has vastly improved.  I still break out from products my skin doesn't agree with but the monthly gigantic cysts I used to get are few and far between.  Not to mention I've easily maintained my weight!


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After I began eating better and drinking lots of water my skin did get dramatically better. I'm not on any particular diet  I just eat smaller portions of food and make sure to have snacks on the healthier side (apples with peanut butter, trail mix i make myself minus the m&ms etc.). Unfortunately when I get stressed it shows on my face. Acne flairs in the worst ways this particular year has been pretty bad. However since I got into wearing makeup about a year ago I found that having a good skincare routine a good moisturizer, face wash and exfoliator makes a huge difference as well. So for me its a combo of various things that helped get my skin looking better. Its still a work in progress but then again isnt everything lol =)

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