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IChristmas gift for the girls who have everything

I have two sister-in-laws that are HUGE on make-up, and so consequently they have all they need, and everyone else buys them make-up for Christmas. One is 18 and one is 32. They don't really do nails, and they both already have a favorite perfume they can't live without. 


Any gift ideas maybe under $40 each (I have 7 nephews to buy for so I'm on a budget) that these ladies may like?



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Answered make up train cases, they are the hottest thing, find out what colors they like and if they like plain or animal print. these are professional, so they are expensive. dont make them share. or if you find a tool box and use things a lot of bumper stickers from music stores, and then glue button tops on and actual buttons that are for clothes, and if the box is metal get a sodering iron and some copper and soder a box made of tin that can sit on top of the stuff in bottom, use the sodering iron to soder on alittle silver hear allittle copper there abit of gold, to decorate it. buy the pricey everyone wants it, but a good deal and put all the bands and funny stickers on there or go all out arsty. either that or a brand new vanity and donate there old ones i am searchin for a vanity. just the desk like part is need be.   

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