I need a way to get rid of my oily skin and acne, its ruining my confidence :(

I'm 15 and starting high school, woop woop, but I have very oily skin. I also have acne on my cheeks, forehead, chin, underneath my nose, beside my nose, UGH I pretty much have a pizza face :/ I just want my acne gone and to be oil free. I also want to wear make up to school, I want to start wearing eyeshadow, eyeliner, maybe a light pink or nude liptsick, and cover up for my acne days. Any suggestons? Also I live with my father, and grandparents and everytime I wear eyeliner they say I look like a raccoon but I only do a very light line on my bottom lid/waterline, how could I tell my dad I want to wear more make up, I really need y'alls help. I mean I'm a girl and us girls gotta wear some make up in our lives ain't I right? Also any tips on keeping my eyeliner from running? Thank you SO much! Smiley Happy P.S. I have brown eyes, and fair skin.

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I have to spread the word about this product -

Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation by Hourglass.  I personally use it because I have oily skin, but I was on their site the other day and I saw this crazy video that mentions acne and acne scarring.  Fortunately, my acne days are behind me (I'm in my 30s), but I was totally taken aback by what these women were saying.  The product is phenomenal - try it.  Here's the vid -


I know it's pricey, but ask for a sample and see if it helps - it's worth a shot!


Re: I need a way to get rid of my oily skin and acne, its ruining my confidence :(

I am a total Murad fan so I will suggest their acne line.  if you can't convince Dad to let you go to a dermatologist, try going and getting a facial from a good place.  I know Massage Envy offers them at some locations and your first visit is discounted.  The therapists should be able to give you some advice and a very good therapist will give you recommendations for routine changes & not just try to sell you the line they carry.  I agree with the other posters on this:  You need to start a regular routine.  Wash your face at night & in the morning and make sure to use a moisturizer every time. 


For the makeup, try just a little mascara, a neutral blush and a lip gloss with a hint of color.  It will help warm your family into you growing up. Smiley Happy  Since you have brown eyes and fair skin (like me) I can say if you get to wear eyeliner, try a deep blue, I've found it really makes my eyes pop, and make sure to line along your upper lash line.  But use neutral color shadows with it.  Don't go color crazy just yet, lol!


Good luck and let us know how you're doing!

Re: I need a way to get rid of my oily skin and acne, its ruining my confidence :(

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yes murad is the only thing that helped me! I used to have acne everywhere when I started high school! I mean everywhere. Back chest, legs, arms, neck, and of course my face. It was terrible. My face is actually 2-3 shades darker than my body because my acne was so bad that I just covered it all up with clothes. I also had the same problem with my dad not wanting me to wear make up but I didn't wear everything all at once. I agree with Soloist1 about the the eyeliner, try a purple one as well Smiley Happy.  You're young so you didn't need a ton of make up. Tinted moisturizer, mascara and a lippie and I'd be good! You should try the murad hybrid primer for acne and shine control though. It's really good stuff and you can find it at Ulta Smiley Happy 

Re: I need a way to get rid of my oily skin and acne, its ruining my confidence :(

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Great point about the facials, soliost1 Smiley Happy

They really can help clear up a face. If you can't  or don't want to, check out the origins products. I personally am obsessed with the active charcoal mask which really clears my skin.

Re: I need a way to get rid of my oily skin and acne, its ruining my confidence :(

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Everyone gave such amazing advice!
I especially agree with the points about putting eyeliner on top, spending on the right foundation, and maintaining a healthy diet, drinking a lot.



Pay attention to your hair. Make sure that your hair is always clean and well - groomed. Clean fresh hair makes a huge difference in a person's look, and it will draw attention away from your acne

Be careful not to layer on too much foundation. It can be tempting to try to cover it all up, but adding too much on large open bumps or peeling will end up adding to the mess, Use something with buildable coverage, so you can layer as needed.


Try keeping a translucent powder in your bag. Just a quick dab will instantaneously take away a greasy looking shine.

If you have a lot of redness, use a green primer. Don't worry, you will not look like Elphaba from Wicked. The green cancels out the red and does a great job evening out the color. Smashbox has a great one

If you can't go to a dermatologist, next time you go for a well-visit, ask your doctor about the possibility of him or her prescribing something - there are many prescription acne medications that work miracles, and doctors can prescribe it -  it doesn't have to be a dermatologist.


From personal experience, I can tell you that sometimes, you gotta take initiative on your own to prove yourself. If you put yourself together really nicely, your dad is likely start to notice - and if he doesn't, skip it one day after he's used to it, and maybe he will. Prove it to him how good you can make yourself look and feel.


Good luck!!!!


Re: I need a way to get rid of my oily skin and acne, its ruining my confidence :(

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I'm currently 16 with clear skin but I struggled with cystic acne all of 8th grade and my freshman year. I know EXACTLY how you feel, it was so hard seeing my friends, many of which had perfect skin. I was constantly comparing them to myself. Why couldn't I look like them? I got so frustrated that I finally talked my parents into taking me to a dermatologist. BEST decision I made! He told me I was using too many harsh products at once (Acne cleansers, Acne exfoliators, Acne masks, etc) and said I needed to give my skin a break. He prescribed a topical cream to use with a gentle cleanser (I use Fresh Soy) and within about a month or two my face was completely cleared. I still get the occasional pimple, but I am so much more confident with myself that I don't really care anymore. Best of luck!

Re: I need a way to get rid of my oily skin and acne, its ruining my confidence :(

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I struggled with Acne too. The products that worked the best for me makeup wise was Clinique even better foundation to cover it up. I recommend going to a dermatologist. If you're 15, your acne is probably hormonal, which is usually only treated by oral and topical medication. My dermatologist recommended using Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer. I love those two products, they really helped a lot. And to avoid the raccoon comments try putting eyeliner only on the top, it doesn't run and makes your top eyelashes look full. Also, since you have brown eyes, try brown or purple eyeliner. Can't call you a raccoon if you're not wearing black Smiley Wink

PS-  completely agree with Marydiva! I learned very quickly in my battle with acne that there is NO SUCH THING AS TOO MUCH MOISTURE!

Re: I need a way to get rid of my oily skin and acne, its ruining my confidence :(

Good Afternoon!
I totally agree with trying the Neutrogena skin care regimen - I know many people that swear by it. When I went to a dermatologist in the past, he recommended the CeraVe skin care line of products and let me tell you, it is amazing! I have used numerous products from the line and I can't think of one that didn't work or I didn't like. The key for healthy skin for me is to stay consistent with my routine of cleansing and moisturizing. You also might want to sleep with your hair in a loose braid to keep it off of your face to avoid extra oil from your hair on your face.
As far as makeup goes, I totally agree with marydiva regarding the fact that you should search for a foundation and concealer that work for your skin - even if it is a slight expense.
Mascara can totally open up your eyes and your family might accept it more so than eyeliner on just the waterline/bottom lash line! Plus it can be an inexpensive drugstore purchase.
Something else to ease you into the makeup world could be neutral eyeshadows, whether they be matte or shimmery! Urban Decay has 3 NAKED palettes with an array of neutrals that would be wearable for school. The original NAKED is a more warm toned palette. The NAKED 2 is a more cool toned palette. And the NAKED basics is palette with 5 matte and 1 Demi-matte eyeshadows. I personally have NAKED 1 and 2 and love them! Hope I helped!
Here's the links for the 3 palettes:


Re: I need a way to get rid of my oily skin and acne, its ruining my confidence :(

Awww Smiley Happy Poor girl. Does your grandma wear makeup? Dads (in my experience) aren't super understanding when it comes to makeup, but luckily, my mom is always there to have my back.

Maybe you could have your grandma take you shopping for makeup?

With acne, patience is key. I know how it feels to be super frustrated with your face and feel like there's nothing you can do.

Breathe in, Breathe out.

There's controllable factors with acne and there's factors beyond personal control. You can start minimizing acne with a "routine."

That means washing your face in the morning, following with moisturizer, washing your face at night, and, again, moisterizing. You're probably thinking I DON'T NEED MORE MOISTURE, I'M ALREADY OILY.

Well, my dear, take it from a girl who was once 15 with an oily face...EVERYBODY should wear moisturizer. If you  moisturize, your skin will produce LESS oil, not more.

Don't scrub your face with harsh products and exfoliants and DON'T pick at your acne, however tempting it might be. Use products for sensitive skin. I personally reccomend Neutrogena. I've never had a problem with them and they're genreally geared towards sensitive skin. I believe they have an acne kit. I've never used it, personally, but my younger sister (freshman in high school) swears by it. I just use a standard cleanser & moisturizer from Neutrogena and it works just great for me. Smiley Happy

Change your pillowcase and sleep on your back! This honestly works wonders. ALSO- you'll probably hate this one - DRINK WATER NOT SODA. I'm not kidding. This will probably help a LOT.

Cut out dairy and foods heavy in sugar and fat. Your body AND your skin will thank you. When I stopped eating dairy, my skin started improving almost overnight.


As for the makeup problem, my dear - I wasn't allowed to wear makeup till I was 14...I wore eyeliner every once in a while before then, much to the dismay of my parents and was usually told I looked like a raccoon.

Ease into it. Start with a non-irritating concealer/foundation. I know it's pricey, honey, but PLEASE invest in a good quality foundation with natural ingredients that won't make your acne worse. Foundation is the ONE thing I will NEVER buy drugstore. Trust me on this!!


After wearing a little foundation, add a sublte blush. That'lll make your foundation look WAY more natural. Nobody's face is monochrome.


As for your eyeliner woes - honey, I've been there. I used to be the girl who wore eyeliner on the bottom of her eye. But if there's ONE makeup lesson I've learned in my 17 years on earth it's that eyeliner belongs on the top lid, not the bottom. It's significantly more natural and pretty.


But makeup's about growing and learning, so don't worry! If you're most confident with putting eyeliner on the bottom lid, go for it Smiley Happy You're young and there's nothing wrong with experimenting.


One thing you didn't mention was mascara! There's nothing wrong with an itty bitty tube of amazing Smiley Happy That's usually a good way to ease Dad into the makeup scene.


Try one product @ a time and don't forget to take care of your skin & body. You're beautiful no matter what!

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